Thursday, January 19, 2012

11 Cars For 2012

The year the world might end is shaping up to be a great year for automobiles. One of the cars on this list returns American manufacturing to the U.S. Whatever a driver is looking for, it’s on this list. Here are 11 cars to be excited about buying in 2012.

1 – Kia Rio
Remember those cheap toys that felt like they would break if someone so much as looked at them? That was the Rio. Now, the Rio is nice. It gets 30/40 mpg (city/highway) and has upgraded features and quality. It’s still cheap, one of the cheapest on this list at just over $14,000 base price. The nicest touches are air-condition and iPod compatibility – as standards.

2 – Toyota Prius v
Toyota did wonderful things for the auto industry when it introduced the Prius. However, the Prius lacked in cargo space. The Prius v (yes, lowercase) has more cargo room with additional trunk space. This also means its longer and less fuel efficient. By less fuel efficient, Toyota really means it gets just over 40 mpg.

3 – Ford Focus
The Focus is back. Like Americans, the Focus started off its early stages as trim and European, and slowly ended up fatter, slower, and less efficient. Ford has decided to change that and has brought back the European concept. The Focus will give Americans what they loved about it in the first place and the option of heated leather seats, dual-zone climate control, and a self-parking system.

4 – Honda Civic
The Civic really hasn’t changed much at all, which was the Focus’s problem. Everyone wants change, forward-progress, new features. This one has that, with more options for being more eco-friendly. Other than that, it’s the same. But, the Civic has been wonderful in the past, so why change it now?

5 – Chevrolet Sonic
Chevy is keeping with the true American tradition of building cars by keeping this one built in the U.S. – all of it. It’s a 36 mpg vehicle that runs off 1.8 liters and a six-speed transmission. This little car is the next in line after Chevy’s run with the Aveo. So far, the interior is roomy and the styling has won good reviews. Keeping with the tradition, Chevy plans to offer at a base price friendly to wallets.

6 – Hyundai Veloster
Some might recognize this as the car advertised with three doors, one for the driver and two for the ladies. Granted, it could be done the other way around, but this one shouldn’t be confused for class. Yeah, it looks nice, but it’s really about economical consideration. Either way, it’s entering the market with originality.

7 – Subaru Impreza
For the longest time, Subaru has been different in that it stuck with what worked best for Subaru owners. The interior, the engine, and the driving has been designed around all-purpose driving and hauling. Subaru has taken a step up and worked toward bringing more modern features to the car, such as navigation and leather. Still, it’s the same dependable snow/rain/mud driving machine.

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8 – Volkswagen Jetta GLI

Volkswagen has problems in its earlier models of the Jetta, with engine oil gelling and other maintenance problems. It’s getting better. The GLI is the more powerful version of the Jetta series. Inside, it’s comfortable; outside, it drives better. More trunk room means this family car just made traveling easier, and more fun.

9 – Audi A7
A sedan of the sedans is getting bigger. There are more high-tech devices, including Internet-enabled WiFi hot spots, and night vision. The engine will feature 3 liters and 6 cylinders – all supercharged. The interior has leather and the elegance should be amazing. What’s more: The car is competitive with BMW and Audi, but potentially thousands of dollars cheaper.

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10 – Dodge Charger 300 SRT8
Before, many complained that Dodge was giving them a once-over with all the appeals of a muscle-car engine, and all the inconveniences of a NASCAR interior. Those are done. Here’s a car for the power-enthusiast. It’s 465 hp of HEMI V8 run contained under the hood. The engine revs and it’s enough music to send a person back into the nostalgic era of 89-cent a gallon gasoline. (Note: 89 cents of gas will probably get a driver about 5 miles.)

11 – Ford Mustang Boss 302
Like the Charger 300 SRT8, the Ford Mustang Boss has a great interior and engine. This is a race car for the common person that wants to enjoy long highways and waning summer days. In trial runs, it kept up pace-for-pace with the BMW M3 if that gives any indication of its ability.

While there might be other cars, and certainly many were left off this list, these are just 11 of the vehicles Americans can be excited about parking in their driveway in 2012.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the automotive, technology, and business industries for three years. When Nicole bought her car last year she made sure to check online for auto insurance so she could save money and be well protected. When Nicole has free time she likes to help her families nieces and nephews practice driving. She makes sure to review the dmv drivers handbook with them to make sure they pass there tests.