Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun and Creative Wedding Themes

While traditional weddings are beautiful in every way, there is something magical about having a wedding with a creative theme. Whether as a guest or a member of the entourage, you are whisked away even for a few hours into a different world where you can lose yourself and simply enjoy. If you are mulling over having a wedding with a creative theme, here are some examples you can consider and choose from to help you prepare for the wedding of your dreams:

1. Vintage or Victorian Wedding. This is the perfect choice for the old-fashioned or classic bride. Intricate lace, antique decor and floral designs are all fitting for a Victorian or vintage wedding. Muted colors, lace and pearls should be used generously within the venue and jazz and swing should be kept playing in the background during the reception.

2. Garden Wedding. If the time of year and the weather are right, a garden wedding can truly be one of the most beautiful wedding themes. Flowers and an abundance of butterflies and birds are ideal for a garden wedding. If the reception is at night, glowing table lanterns would be a wonderful touch for use as a centrepiece. It is essential that the caterer you will be hiring has had experience with outdoor weddings. Some heat-sensitive foods such as those prepared with mayonnaise will not do well in a garden wedding.

3. 80’s Wedding. If you grew up in the 80’s and want your wedding to be an unforgettable one for you and your guests alike, then this is the way to go. Deck everything in 80’s style. Try to rent a DeLorean for your wedding car and dress your groomsmen up in pastel colored jackets with the sleeves rolled up all the way to the elbow. Via the invitations, encourage your guests to come in 80’s themed attire as well. This means bleached and torn up jeans, neon legwarmers, and big gold chains and sunglasses.

4. Royal Wedding. The choice of color scheme is everything if you want to pull off a true ‘royal’ wedding. White and shades of pink (for summer or spring) or purple and royal blue (for winter or fall) with a touch of gold would work well together. Go the extra mile with greenery and flowers. However, keep it simple with the rest of the decorations. Remember that less is more and that there is so much elegance in simplicity.

5. Beach Wedding. Beach weddings are a great option for couples who prefer a more relaxed, less traditional and laidback atmosphere for their special day. In order to make your guests truly feel the beach vibe, the ambiance will need to be perfect. This means putting on the right music, having the right decors such as palm trees, seashells visible at all times. You can ask your guests to come in beach attire to truly make them feel like they are at the beach. You can use a bowl filled with sand, pebbles, and starfish with a candle in the middle as a centrepiece. Favors can include a paperweight shell or rock with the names of the couple engraved or embossed on it.

6. Las Vegas Wedding. A Las Vegas wedding is one of the easier wedding themes to pull off. This theme also guarantees a night of fun for the bride and groom and guests alike given the loose, free free-spirited and risqué atmosphere and feelings it evokes. Tables can be named after the different hotels in Las Vegas. Use neon lights and rent a mobile casino. Some ideas for favors include chocolate coins or gambling chips tied with ribbon and dice beads. You can also hire a cabaret singer for entertainment during the reception.

7. Christmas Wedding. If your wedding is in December, consider having a Christmas theme. It’s called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason, and a Christmas wedding is sure to leave a mark in the hearts of you and your loved ones throughout the years. Bridesmaids can wear red, green or silver dresses while the groomsmen can don white tuxedos with silver bowties and vests. Don’t scrimp on red flowers such as red calla lilies, poinsettias or red and white roses. Decorate the venue with holly, pine, ivy and ornamental berries.

8. Renaissance or Medieval Wedding. The location or venue is absolutely critical in order to pull off an authentic renaissance or medieval themed wedding. If it permits, look for a castle or a building that resembles one and hold the ceremony and reception there. Go all out with the ivy and use large baskets of flowers and flowered garlands. Brides need to be dressed in dark and regal velvet dresses. You can use hunter green, deep purple and burgundy wine for your color palate. Men can wear boots, pirate shirts, tight and laced vests.

9. Jamaican Wedding. Jamaican weddings are always a delight to attend and participate in as they are often very relaxing and fun. First off, a Jamaican wedding isn’t an authentic one if beef patties, curry goat and jerk chicken or pork aren’t served. Rum punch is also a staple drink at Jamaican parties. Pick up some tropical decor or ask your wedding planner to, if you have one. What is important is to make your guests feel like they are actually at the Caribbean when it comes to the music, the decors, the invites and the ambience in general.

10. Backyard or BBQ Wedding. This is actually one of the less challenging creative wedding themes as it doesn’t entail that much creativity at all. You can ask your guests to come in casual attire or whatever they feel comfortable in and prepare a typical barbecue menu with items such as burgers, fries, hot dogs, chips and potato salad. Add in some gourmet food like gourmet sausages and skirt steak with mixed veggies and coleslaw on the sides. You can rent a big white tent for your guests to eat under during the reception. Dancing and some good music are good entertainment and you can cap off the night with a surprise fireworks show for your guests.

There are countless creative wedding themes out there which you can choose from and customize according to your personal taste and preference. What is important is that you and your groom are comfortable and happy with your choice because after all, it is your special day.

Olivia Nicholas is a writer and blogger with Storkie. She has been writing articles and blogging for the wedding industry over 10 years.