Friday, January 13, 2012

Cruise The Nile In Luxury

Ever pictured yourself floating down the Nile past the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings? Did you think it was impossible for you to bring this dream to reality? Well that is not so. Today there are numerous Nile cruises available and they are priced to fit almost any budget. Whether you desire a week or a night on this ancient river which provided the sustenance for the people who developed one of the world's first and greatest civilizations, it is well within your reach. With a mere phone call or click of a mouse you can be on your way to a journey down the Nile.

The Nile River is unique. It is one of those rare rivers which flow northwards. It is also a river which figures prominently in both the Judeo-Christian Bible and the annals of world history. The Nile is actually two rivers whose waters combine to give Egypt the rich soil which has fed its population for thousands of years and afforded them the strength and time to study and harness the forces of the universe to build their great civilization. The White Nile flows out of the East African rift zone, while the Blue Nile originates in the Ethiopian highlands. Those rivers meet in Khartoum and become the iconic river which waters the land of Egypt.

A Nile cruise is at once relaxing and stimulating. Many of the cruises originate at the Aswan High Dam and ease down river towards the delta. During the journey, guest are fĂȘted and fed and told tales of the conception, design and construction of the iconic structures on the banks of the Nile and beyond. The cruises stop a various points along the river so guests can visit the monuments many have only seen in books or on film. Those tours allow travellers to walk the land where Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and many other important biblical figures trod and touch structures that have fascinated man for many millennia.

You can serenely float down the Nile in air-conditioned luxury on ships with swimming pools, restaurants and bars. You can choose one of the pre-arranged cruise tours or design one of your own. Either way you and your loved ones will have the experience of a lifetime as you explore the land of the pharaohs. You can sit out on the deck and watch some of the world's best known monuments glide by or relax in your cabin and enjoy a private viewing. All your creature comforts are met on board the large luxurious ships. Dinner under a star-lit Egyptian sky while slowly cruising down the Nile is breath-taking.

Sail from Sakkara to Abydos, see the Valley of the Kings and historic Memphis, look into the face of the Sphinx and touch Egypt's Great Pyramids then return to the Nile for sumptuous meals and exotic entertainment aboard the ship and relax in palatial surroundings. A Nile cruise is a journey you will remember forever.

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