Friday, January 6, 2012

Bluemotion Technology

Volkswagen Passat now hosts the company’s eco-friendly approach to mobility with BlueMotion Technology.  This technology helps the sedan to reduce emissions, and achieve fuel efficiency without taking away the task of driving.

What is BlueMotion Technology?
BlueMotion Technology is a sophistication that is creeping its way into Volkswagen cars, starting with the new Passat’s.  This technology has already been introduced in India.  The BlueMotion Technology will eventually find its way into all Volkswagen cars in the future making the VW cars the most energy-efficient and fun to drive cars on the market.

BlueMotion Technology offers the following in the new Passat:
  • Auto Start-Stop System – Drivers will see when they are stuck in traffic jams or they are stopped at traffic light, the engine will automatically turn itself off when they take their foot off the clutch.  The same thing applies when drivers take their feet off the gas pedal.  When the clutch is engaged again, or the accelerator, the engine will automatically start.  This features helps save fuel and saves drivers the hassle of having to manually stop the engine when the car is idling for long periods.
  •  TDI Engine – The engine will be 2.0 L CR TDI that outputs torque of 350 NM @ 1750-2500 and an output of 170 PS. This offers a lot of power, and an abundant torque with lower fuel consumption.
  • Brake Recuperation – Kinetic energy is converted into electricity and stored in the car battery every time drivers hit the brake.  This allows the battery to consistently be recharged.
  • Gear Shift Indicator – Prevents energy to not be lost when shifting gears.  It recommends the perfect time to shift gear. This leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Optimized gear ratios – This feature combines the convenience and ease of automatic transmissions with power, and productivity of manual gearboxes.  The DSG Dual Clutch and Manual transmissions are created for longer ratios, delayed downshifts and early up shifts to increase energy-efficiency.  This allows drivers to quicklyimplement gear changes and proves beneficial over automatic ones.  Allows for higher fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.  If drivers need to manually change gears, the triptronic shift function is available.
Volkswagen first introduced the BlueMotion technology to their Mk4 Polo in year 2006, and since then has added the technology to their models such as the Touran, Golf and the Passat. Volkswagen received the 2010 World Green Car of the Year by the World Car of the Year organization in 2010. This award was granted by judges from twenty-five different countries and fifty-nine World Car jurors.  The judges awarded the BlueMotion technology the award over two other finalists which were the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius.

It is no wonder that Volkswagen received this prestigious award with the advanced technology they are introducing to the world.  BlueMotion technology proves beneficial for drivers who want to make a difference with their environment.  One can only imagine what the future has in store for drivers in the future, but if it resembles the innovativeness of BlueMotion technology, we are in for quite a show.

The post is authored by Michael Clark, he loves to write anything and everything about technology. He eats, drinks, breathe technology.