Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful Vacation Spots in Ontario!

Ontario, Canada is a beautiful land known for its sprawling atmosphere, decadent food, and lush culture. Ontario will leave you with an unforgettable experience that you will remember for years to come. There are many choices of different destinations that you will want to see during your time in Ontario, each of them telling their own stories, and helping you to create your own!

If you have an adventurous soul, then Ontario is the place for you to visit! Having different options for every season, Ontario is a welcoming adventure in your life at any time! There are things to do such as skiing, snowboarding, or even snowmobiling during your winter stay in Ontario! Some of the worlds most beautiful resorts can be found near Collingwood in Ontario that feature both challenging and easy ski trails for you and your loved ones to enjoy. After a day out on the slopes in Collingwood, Ontario, you can relax next to a warm fireplace and discuss your day with those closest to you while looking out at the gorgeous sun setting over the mountains.

If history and learning is what you are wanting from your vacation to Ontario, then a place you do not want to miss is Ottawa, part of the Capital Region of Canada. You can stroll through the museums that tell of Ottawa and Ontario’s past. After the museums have been visited then you will be sure not to want to miss out on the changing of the guards at the Capital, or the local street vendors who encapsulate you with their fresh products and unique styles. During the spring and summer months you may also want to pack a picnic dinner and visit downtown Ottawa at night for beautiful laser light shows set to some of the most timeless music there is. This is such a great way to end your day in Ottawa!

If a more tranquil ambience is what you are looking for in your vacation to Ontario, then visiting Canada’s most prestigious and dignified vineyards in Niagara nearby the famous Niagara Falls is the trip for you. Tour the wine region as you take in culture and tasting of the land and come to a better understanding of the people who molded Ontario into the marvelous place it is today.

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If a more rustic experience is what you want to get, then venturing into the north land in Ontario will meet your every need. The north is full of lush greenery and makes for the perfect canvas for an avid hunter, and welcomes thousands of hunters every year to take on the tundra and beauty that can be found in north Ontario during hunting season!

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In any season, especially during the spring or summer, you may want to visit one, or two, of the tens of thousands of lakes that can be found throughout Ontario. Some of The Great Lakes can also be found in Ontario such as Superior, Erie, and Huron, but if you are looking for a more unique experience, why not get a cabin by one of the smaller less known lakes such as Balsam, Big Hawk, or Holden Lake and create your own adventure? Fish close to your cabin, or walk along the lakeside trails, but just remember to bring your camera along for the trip, because you are bound to see nature’s beauty in a whole new light and will want to capture the moment and treasure it for all time.

No matter where you choose to go while visiting Ontario, Canada, it is guaranteed that the land, beauty, and culture will leave an imprint in your soul that you will hold onto forever!
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