Thursday, January 12, 2012

Female Mosquitos Do More Than Bite - They Also Spread Malaria & West Nile

What should if a mosquito or mosquitoes “bite” you – either once or many many times? First of all it’s important to know and understand that it’s not only the simple raised and mosquito bite that is of importance. You should do everything you can not to be bitten and take precautions to stay out of harm’s way. This includes not going out when the critters abound – especially at dusk, covering your exposed areas – arms and limbs and using mosquito repellants liberally. This is because it’s not only a simple matter of only the simple inconvenience and itching of those welts and bites.

Mosquitoes and Similar Pest Do More Than Simply Bite – They Spread Deadly Dangerous Disease, Plagues and Illnesses:

It’s not only the case that female mosquitoes fly around endlessly and patiently looking for nice and subservient human beings to east upon. Count among their blood food sources – other warm blooded mammals that abound on farm fields, the wild woods and hill and dale. Also include birds – both wild Canada Geese, ducks and the like, as well as domesticated avian fowl such as standard chickens, geese and exotic raised fowl such as quail birds. Hence this is why mosquitoes and their kin can spread serious illnesses such as malaria and even now in our current times “West Nile Virus” – who’s spread, dissemination and spread is of global concern and concerns by the W.H.O. World Health Organization health care and monitoring respected authority.

If You Do Have A Series of Insect Bites & Have Symptoms See Your Physician or Health Care Provider:

Yet if you do have mosquito bites , along with assorted and varied symptoms of fevers, vomiting , skin rash, symptoms of nausea & fatigue , headache or assorted unexplained body aches and pains – then its best to see your doctor or other health care provider as soon and promptly as humanly possible. If the symptoms of swelling of swelling, tenderness, redness and itch from the mosquito bites or a myriad of bites get much worse develop and expand. Watch out if pus develops or even if pus and septicemia is suspected medically - then it might be a wiser idea to travel to your local hospital emergency ward as soon as you possibly can.

Prevention of Mosquito & Insect Bites is Key – Not to Deal with Disasters & Emergencies after the Facts:

Again prevention of exposure to those pesky insects is always the best policy. A major role of fire departments is not in fire fighting but in fire and emergency prevention. So should it be with exposure to mosquitoes. In a similar manner you should not get into trouble but prevent it. The best way to sail a large boat in a gale is not to be in the deadly, dangerous storm in the very first place – not trying to deal with later trauma and misfortunes. It is the same with mosquito and assorted insect bites – not only mosquitoes but also ticks who spread dangerous Lyme disease and Lyme diseases. Be forewarned and take charge. Its well worth the effort and efforts.

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