Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Toys of the 90s

As another year has passed, I have paused to reflect on the things that have gone on during this year. The many fashion trends that have come and gone. After this reflection, I started to remember the crazy fads of the 90s. I was a 90s kid, and I loved every minute of it. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, here are 8 things of the 90s that were huge. 

1. Goosebumps books. These were the books that everybody wanted. R.L. Stine did a great job of creeping out tons of little kids. They even made the books into a tv series. I can still remember that eerie music, and that huge, creepy worm at the beginning of the episodes. The books still scare me, and I'm afraid to read them.

2. Super nintendo. This trumps all gaming systems. It is better than the Xbox, the Playstation, and even the Wii. The Super Nintendo was the game to play during the 90s. The simple graphics and the fun games were what entertained millions of kids during the 90s. The best part was that when the console didn't work, all you had to do was blow into the cartridge and the console, and it worked.

3. VHS. Before even DVDS and BluRay, people had VHS. Shelves were lined with these clunky boxes. And you even had to rewind the tapes before you took them back to the video store. Trippy huh ?

4. Tamagochi. These were one of the most popular toys of the 90s. Pretty much every one had one of these. It was almost like Farmville, but you actually carried around your little Tamagochi. This toy taught kids how to care for little creatures.

5. Lisa Frank. These stickers and binders decorated almost everybody's lockers and backpacks. Everyone seemed to love the cute little animals.

6. Furby. These things were smart. And they scared me a little bit. These things were just as cool (maybe even cooler) than Tamagochi's!

7. Beanie Babies. Remember the crazy to find the rare beanie babies? Every kid had these, and they were fun to trade with other kids. People also collected them and made money by selling the valuable beanie babies.

8. Gameboy Color. Oh, when these things came out. They were the bees knees. Everybody had to have one. The best part was that it was portable. You could take it anywhere that you wanted.

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