Monday, January 16, 2012

Pros and Cons of Shower Curtains and Bath Shower Screens

Installing a shower over the bath has always proven to be an excellent use of space in smaller bathrooms, especially those with young children who need a bath. Shower curtains have been used for the longest time to prevent shower water from splashing outside the bath and general wet area. Nowadays though there is a wide variety of bath shower screens available but the question is whether they're worth installing. Let's consider the benefits and disadvantages of shower curtains versus bath shower screens.

Shower Curtains
Firstly let's look at the pros and cons of the tried and true shower curtain.

  • Most shower curtains are very affordable, making them a viable option for every household.
  • To install a shower curtain is super easy. It's just a matter of attaching the shower curtain hooks to the curtain and then placing the hooks over the shower rail.
  • These days there are many different shower curtains to choose from. With so many beautiful fabrics and patterns it's easy to find something that will make a lovely style statement in your bathroom.
  • Whenever you grow tired of your shower curtain it's easy to take it down and put up a new one.
  • Shower curtains are effective at keeping shower water from spraying onto the walls and floor of your bathroom.
  • One of the most problematic issues with shower curtains is that they can become grubby quickly and even grow mould before your very eyes. A wet curtain sitting against a bath for long periods is not going to help the grime factor.
  • Many shower curtains can be washed in the machine but taking it down and up often is not likely to be a fun thing to do. All in all, shower curtains are quite problematic when it comes to keeping them clean.
  • Shower curtains can also make a room feel smaller by creating a wall around the bath.
  • Generally, shower curtains make bathrooms look out of date.
    Bath Shower Screens
    Now it's time to consider the pros and cons of bath shower screens.

    • A bath shower screen instantly modernizes the bathroom simply because of the clean lines, sharp edges and up to date shapes.
    • Clear glass screens make the room look larger, giving a feeling of spaciousness. When we don't feel we're in a tight space it's easier to relax and enjoy it.
    • Bath screens are effective at preventing water from splashing onto dry areas.
    • Shower screens are easy to keep clean, and who wouldn't want to start their day in a sparkling clean bathroom.
    • You can choose from many different options including bi-fold or sliding screens, framed or frameless screens and even oval screens should you so desire. With such a wide variety of bath screens available, it's easy to find something that will fit perfectly into your space. 
    • Screens last for a long time and can give an up to date look for years when simple designs are chosen.
    • Bath screens can increase the value of your property.
    • The investment required for some shower screens to be purchased and fitted is certainly more than the cost of a simple shower curtain.

      As you can probably gather, the main advantage of a shower curtain versus a bath shower screen is that the curtain costs a lot less. However, it's important to remember that our bathroom can be a place of respite, a room in our home where we should be able to retreat to and rejuvenate. An impressive oval bath shower screen goes a long way toward adding that touch of luxury we all deserve and will always outshine a shower curtain when it comes to that feeling of pampering and relaxation. Other then the initial investment of a bath screen, there really is no other reason not to invest in one, in fact in our book, bath shower screens win hands down over the old fashioned shower curtain. And remember, we all deserve to indulge regularly and what better place than in a bath shower with a beautiful screen.
        Tauseef Hussain is an interior decorator and social media blogger for Bathroom Suites, the online shop for Bath Shower Screens fixtures (for UK citizens).