Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Film Releases in 2011 that Surprised Us

Films surprise us for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are extremely well received when the hype has been somewhat minimal, and other times a relatively small film can become a cult classic overnight. 2011 was one of those years with plenty of cinema surprises. There were over 100 films released to cinema in the year and some of them made a huge splash. We can’t forget The King’s Speech that cleaned up at the Oscars either, with a triumphant performance from Colin Firth.

There’s something we love about the cinema, whether that be an escape from a busy life, the want to see the latest blockbuster films, an air conditioned retreat during the summer months, or perhaps a romantic date. Here are 5 films that were released in 2011 and why they surprised us:

Battle: Los Angeles
This film was released in March 2011 under a lot of hype. We saw trailers full of cryptic scenes of alien invasion. It’s not that common that this genre is tackled successfully but we were all surprised on how the film worked and depicted the struggle behind Aaron Eckhart and his group of soldiers battling through. The film is epic and shot like any good war film, with plenty of action and plenty of great and emotional acting throughout.

Fast Five
This is the fifth instalment of Fast & Furious films based around a group of thieves who love cars. Why was this film a shock? Well it was never meant to do well at the box office, and there were no high expectations for this film, but when it was released it exploded, taking more money than most films that year in the opening two weeks. Viewers were treated to the original cast in Rio looking to rob a bank in a high octane tale of cars, money, love and endurance against all the odds.

This comedy tour-de-force was released in June as a no holds bar chick flick that had a story reminiscent of the Hangover. It proved a huge smash and it wasn’t just girls going to see it either as there was something in it for everyone. The film was upfront, rude and raunchy, and all this was the perfect recipe for a successful film for the summer. With some original takes on humour and some reworking of classic situations, this film is a future classic.

Kill List
This independent British film was released in the autumn on 2011 and gave viewers the shock of the year. What started as a classic UK hitman film quickly turned into a dark tale of murder and paganism. Without giving away the twist at the end, the duo of hitmen are presented an unusual and chilling situation with some of the unexpected turns you’ve ever seen a film take. This isn’t a viewing for everyone, but those brave enough to take the ride will surely be rewarded.

Real Steel
Real Steal was also released in the autumn of 2011 and starred Hugh Jackman as a lazy father to his son who was given to him after the death of his mother. They begin to bond over the futuristic sport of robot boxing and embark on an adventure to claim the world robot boxing title from a feared opponent. The story has plenty of adrenaline for the whole family but also has something for those looking for a story about coming together with common goals, and developing a strong paternal relationship with your newly discovered son.

Steve is a film fanatic who loves nothing better than sitting in room with a huge screen, some popcorn and being gently cooled by air conditioning. He lives in London and thinks there is no better option than going to the cinema on a rainy evening.