Thursday, January 5, 2012

What To Wear This 2011/12 Winter Fashion Season

When winter sets in its time to bring out the bulky, obtrusive clothing in order to keep warm and toasty during the freezing temperatures.  However, that doesn't mean one has to give up style for comfort.  

Zoe Phobic - Killers on the Catwalk 2011/2012 FWThis 2011/12 winter fashion season offers fashionistas many styles and designs to choose from.  From modest clothing to cute tops to over-stuffed outfits, there is something for everyone to wear and enjoy.  Winter fashion can be cute, fun, sexy or romantic as one ponders the many options to choose from without giving up the look your trying to convey.

A 1940's style outfit is making a comeback as it is the new retro look to clothe yourself in.  Calf length skirts with a fitted polo neck shirts or a Pussy Bow Blouse would make a nice assemble that provides a crisp elegance with a hint of flair.  Modest while looking exceptional, this style would make an excellent outfit for business.

Or perhaps you prefer a softer, more pleated look to your outfit; with fabrics of tulle or soft silk that help drape the body in mystery and allure.  A "ballet" style ensemble will emit captivating innocence while allowing the wearer to feel sexy, romantic and alive.

Kristian Aadnevik for RiccoveroFashion colours are tending to run in the woodland and forest shades while bringing metallics to knitwear.  Shades of green followed by a matte black make a stunning impression upon the Earthy type of fashion for the more conservative type.  Or perhaps your fashion sense tends to stray towards the unique and wish to mix things up by blending unnatural colours together while accessorizing with faux fur fashion pieces, whether they be added to your boots or your hair, faux fur is in this fashion season.  Brighter hues such as purple, sky blue, neon orange and others are designed for the bold fashion statement.

Designs are all over (360°) and not just concentrated on the front or back, with chunky, knitted patterns to dresses, shirts and even shoes.  Using laser cut contours and by pleating, twisting and turning, designs are lacy while an added edge of sophistication is included in the overall appearance.  Military styles, ponchos and trench coats in animal or python prints are also keeping their edge on fashion, remaining a part of the culture as designers try to come up with innovative styles.

Maggie WonkaJeweled and sequined Maxi dresses in the evening for elegance or flapper dresses with 360° views offer a sense of nostalgic style to any evening wear.  The lace that was popular back in the 1980's is making a comeback in gloves, dresses, skirts and even shoes.  Prints from mini-polka dots to paisley to bold flowers add a wide range of patterns to approach.  Everything is mixed this winter so wearing leather with sequins would be great additions to any fashion collection.

Layered looks are another method to staying warm this winter, the more layers you have, the more warmth you can generate.  Whether you're wearing straight legged pants or a mini-skirt, layering cute tops with chunky sweaters is sure to give your  modest clothing look, stunning appeal, while allowing you comfort.

michael kors fall winter 2011 for men ny fw fashion showOne cannot discount the outerwear, the most important piece to any winter ensemble, the one that affords you to stay warm.  Why look great underneath a cumbersome coat when you can find warmth in your outerwear styles. 

Kristian Aadnevik for RiccoveroThis years outerwear collections consists of wide collars, with both loose and tight fitting middles, eye-catching buttons that provide fashion with warmth.  Mod coats from the 1960's offer a unique blend of cuts and colours as well as waist to mid-length faux fur coats for those who really like to stay warm while looking fashionable.  One doesn't have to give up their fashion style while being warm with many options to choose from.

This 2011/12 winter fashion line-up holds many choices for every fashionista type to stay warm while looking fabulously stylish doing so.

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