Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 Home Improvements to make in 2012

At this time of year there is much talk of ‘new year’s resolutions’ when people make grand plans to start over and make some sort of lifestyle change for the new year. However, instead of setting wildly unrealistic lifestyle goals it could be an idea to make 2012 a year of home improvements with the goal of having a home that looks finished, presentable and well maintained by the end of the year. Such improvements may include the following:

  1. Fix problematic doors – almost every home has at least one problematic door that does not shut properly or drags along the carpet. Oak doors and other high quality wooden doors can easily be adjusted.
  2. Touch up walls – with the passage of time interior walls get chipped, scratched and marked but this can be quickly rectified with paint touch ups.
  3. Replace discoloured fittings – white fittings such as plug sockets and light switches fade over time, especially when exposed to sunlight.
  4. Repair damage to hard surfaces – hard materials found in kitchen worktops and fireplace surrounds can easily become chipped and scratched. Repair offers a cost effective alternative to replacement.
  5. Replace damaged skirting boards – even oak skirting boards can be damaged due to their low position in the room. Replacing cracked and damaged skirting boards can restore a room to its former beauty.
  6. Oil door handles – squeaky door hands can be exceptionally irritating and the problem is very rarely remedied. Simply oiling squeaky door handles is a quick and effective solution.
  7. Replace missing light bulbs – many homes feature light bulbs that have come to the end of their lives or are simply missing. Replacing such light bulbs can improve the look of a home very simply.
  8. Tidy away cables – electric cables are unsightly, yet they feature more and more in the home. By using cable clips, beading or plastic tubing such cables can be removed from sight and restore the appearance of the room.
  9. Remove mould – mould is a persistent problem in most homes in the bathroom and perhaps even around window frames. However, killing mould can bring some relief and significant improve the cleanliness of the home.
  10. Repair damaged furniture and fittings – furniture in particular can be easily damaged. For example a rung could become dislodged from its fitting. A quick repair will ensure the home appears well kept.
  11. Polish wooden surfaces – while dusting wooden surfaces will ensure their cleanliness, polish will transform the appearance of any wooden surface and protect the wood from minor damage.
  12. Bleed the radiators – a quick and simple task that will significantly improve the efficiency of the radiators in the home. 

The above ideas and many others will assist the homeowner in ensuring that 2012 is a good year for home improvements. By following these suggestions among others the end result will be a home that is well kept and well maintained and therefore exceptionally attractive to residents and guests alike.

This article was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of UK Oak Doors; suppliers of high quality oak doors and oak skirting boards.  After putting it off for many months, Crispin is choosing to make over his home in 2012.