Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Lovable Labels

In 2003, Laura Porreca, Owner and Operator, had a dream and believes that "necessity is the mother of invention."  

When her first child was entering daycare, Laura was impressed upon to label all of his belongings.  When she began labeling everything necessary, she realized that there could be a need for labels that are durable, long~lasting and can withstand the test of time and the daily use that children put things through.

After much trial and tribulations, a suitable product was found and Lovable Labels was founded.  Their products included ones that were both regular and slimline stickers as well as shoe labels, iron~ons and bag tags.  The Regular and Slimline stickers are microwaveable and dishwasher safe, the iron~on transfers will successfully stand up to the washer and the dryer and the shoe tags have an extra adhesive so that they won't easily wear off.

Ultimate Camp Pack ARV $44.95

With summer fast approaching who isn't thinking about all the labels you are going to need to apply when its time for your child or children to set off to camp??  I don't know about you but that's a LOT of writing and ironing...unless your a smarty pants like myself and took the stress completely OFF my shoulders by finding a wonderful company such as Lovable Labels to do it for me...well, okay, then don't PERSONALLY label my children's things...but their products allow me to do it with ease~!!

My children have VERY unusual names so the fact that these are personalized makes for a HUGE added benefit.  My son was ecstatic to learn he FINALLY has labels with his name on them...he immediately placed them in his shoes and put his tags on his back pack and lunch bag.  Now his gi has been labelled as well as his swim trunks...lol

I love the bright colours and the stick is still keeping in place in his shoes, though it has shifted a bit, you have to understand how ROUGH my young son is to know that these really do stick~!!

There are 12 designs and colours to choose from as well as over 45 icons.

And in the pack you will receive 15 sticker labels, 40 slimline, 12 shoe labels, 72 press'n'stick clothing dots, 2 mini~metal tags with metal ball chains included and 12 square labels.  MORE than enough to label your child's necessities before sending them off to camp, sleep overs or vacations.

And did I mention that Lovable Labels was a Canadian company so for all my Canadian readers that's easy on the shipping and handling~!!

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