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5 Amazing Unsolved Mysteries

With the advances in technology and science, it's amazing that mysteries still remain unsolved today. Many speculations and theories have been voiced over the years, but some mysteries cannot be solved based on the information surrounding them. Although unsolved, these cases offer great topics of conversation, debate and research.

Jack the Ripper
The infamous Jack the Ripper murder case has plagued investigators for decades. In the late 1800's in London, an unknown serial killer murdered at least five prostitutes, but no suspect was ever arrested for the crimes. Thus, criminalists today still debate over the unknown killer known as Jack the Ripper.

In the 1960's, photographs of five known victims were discovered and experts identified these women as having succumbed to Jack the Rippers savagery. Later in the 1990's, the number one suspect of these heinous crimes was revealed. In the coming years, more information will be discovered as the research continues.

Bermuda Triangle
The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains an enigma and area of great controversy. The Triangle is the area in the Atlantic Ocean lying between the isle of Bermuda, Miami, FL and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Many ships and planes have disappeared in and around this vicinity for no apparent reason.

With no credible scientific expeditions led to investigate the Triangle, many theories surround the electrical and electromagnetic effects on the disappearances. Although no concrete conclusions have been made to support these theories, additional data is continuously gathered to explain the mysterious disappearances.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy
In November, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX while riding in his limousine through town. Later that day, police arrested, questioned and charged Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination. He was killed two days later as he was being transferred to the state prison.

The investigation conclluded that Oswald was the only assassin firing three shots. Witnesses, video and photos later showed two suspicious men behind the fence with guns. The Warren Commission failed to mention these men and they were never investigated. Years later, 18 witnesses died causing officials to investigate the connection of these deaths and the assassination. Although the number of deaths raised concern, no conclusion was determined.

The Shroud of Turin
The Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth bearing an image of a crucified man some believe is Jesus of Nazareth. The mystery remains whether the image is indeed the cloth used to wrapped Jesus's crucified body or a forgery. After thousands of hours of research, it has become the most researched artifact in history and scientists have not been able to reach a conclusion. Confusion over the cloth and that of His existence is what encompasses the Shroud of Turin.

The Disappearance of Dan Cooper
In 1971, Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 in Seattle. After revealing a suitcase containing a bomb, Cooper demanded $200,000 and four parachutes. When his demands were met and with only the pilot and flight attendant on board, the plane took off destined for Mexico City. However not long after taking off, the rear door near the tail of the plane opened and Cooper jumped.

His body was never found, but years later some evidence was discovered. Money and a parachute were found and determined to be from the Dan Cooper hijacking. To this day, the crime hasn't been solved and his death unconfirmed.

These are only a few of the world's unsolved mysteries. As technology advances and research continues, information will be discovered to bring investigators one step closer to a solution.

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