Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW ~ My Friendship Bracelet Maker

It all started when David Corey, an inventor from Michigan, decided to revolutionize a fashion trend that young people had been doing awkwardly and less efficiently for many years.

David, a retired auto executive from Detroit, had spent over 30 years creating and developing efficient ways in which to use robotics with cars.  He used this know~how to develop the Friendship Bracelet Maker to remove the hassle of the old cardboard and/or foot method.

My Friendship Bracelet Maker is the easiest and coolest way to make all your favourite friendship bracelet patterns.

Each kit includes:
One Friendship Bracelet Maker
56 ~ 60" threads (4 each of 14 colours)
Easy~to~follow instructions
Ages 6 & up

The My Friendship Bracelet is truly a simple apparatus to figure out and enjoy.  Remember in the days when you were using all your body parts, pieces of cardboard and pins in order to keep the threads in place so that you could weave them??  Well, this little beauty removes all the excess and gets you right to creating~!!

You take however many threads you wish to work with and knot the ends together, loop it under the butterfly clip, which holds the threads in place, then string each colour up in the holders at the other end.  From there it is simply remembering which colour you left off at and which pattern direction you were heading in...lol

My first attempts were disastrous and looked like an infant made them...hehe...however, half way through my third try, I was spinning bracelets like a masterful arachnid~!!  My daughter took a bit more practice to catch the idea behind the weaving, but she had never made one before and so the concept was a totally new one.  Within a few days, she was producing a bracelet that she was proud of and she promptly gave it to her favourite cousin.  All the bracelets made between us were given to someone we knew and smiles were spread all around.

I think this is a really great gadget and I would suggest getting your children one to have around for rainy days, travelling, vacations or maybe they want to raise some money for an event at school or in their neighbourhood.  The possibilities are quite endless on how you can utilize My Friendship Bracelet Maker and there are many groovy designs and how~to instructions AND videos to be found on their website~!!

My daughter and I give this a two thumbs up...and she had a huge grin on her face too~!!

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