Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Infographics ~ The Business and Nutrition of Girl Scout Cookies

Every year approximately 200 million boxes of girl scout cookies are sold. The most popular cookie is the Thin Mint. In total, hundreds of billions of calories worth of Girl Scout Cookies are ingested every year. Thin Mints tie a few other cookie types for the highest calorie content per cookie at 160 calories.

All Girl Scout Cookies are created at two very busy bakeries. Sales of Girl Scout Cookies by three million girls totals 198 million boxes for $714 million of revenue per year. The least popular cookie types are retired in place of new types.

The most boxes of cookies sold in a year was 17,328 by Jennifer Sharpe, aged 15, of Dearborn, Michigan. Her sales totaled about $10,000 and helped her troop go on a trip abroad.

About 3/4 of all women in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives were once Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scout Organization earns only $37 million from membership fees, so cookie sales are an important source of revenue each year.

The Business of Girl Scout Cookies
From: Top-Business-Degrees.net

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