Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mind Control Simplified and Applied to the Masses

The human brain is a complex maze of learned or inherited behavior patterns. Despite the vast array of mystery still unlocked within the brain, people like Genghis Khan, Hitler, and Jim Morrison and have all used the easily influenced human mindset to their advantage.

Hitler – The First Mass Media Mind Control
In today's world, the media is a popular method of mind control, and can be used by almost anyone. Television is the primary way to reach a vast audience and influence them, and Adolf Hitler used this method of influence quite effectively. Unbeknownst to Hitler, he was utilizing a change in the alpha waves of the brain. During television viewing, the electrical activity in the brain creates waves, indicating activity and alertness. When people are meditating, are under hypnosis, are watching television for long periods of time, or are being subjected to mind control, their brain remains in the alpha wave state. Thus, when Hitler aired his speech on television, he created a very suggestible audience who latched onto his propaganda with fervor.

Hypnotherapy and Alpha Waves
Although behavior therapy may have its value for those with psychological disturbances, many therapists turn to hypnosis or relaxation techniques for treatment, which allows a greater amount of alpha waves, rather than delta waves, in the brain. This creates a dilemma, as the alpha waves may certainly allow greater relaxation in a person, but can also make them very suggestible and receptive to outside influences. Brain Washing and Alpha Waves For many years, brainwashing techniques have been discussed with horror by the media. Brain washing, or the intense coercion and change of an individual's thoughts, concepts and feelings, has been the subject of controversy since the Korean War. Interestingly, brain washing is thought to rely heavily upon alpha wave induced acceptance for particularly emphasised modes of thought and behavior.

Ironic Parallels in Mind Control
  • Sleep deprivation and constant verbal and pictographic and audio messages are the techniques typically used to create mind control on prisoners.  
  • Watching television also creates sleep deprivation, and pictographic and audio messages are also bombarding the brain. 
  • Brainwashing creates higher concentrations of alpha waves.
  • Television watching also creates higher concentrations of alpha waves.
  • Brainwashing removes the ability to think independently, logically and with analysis.
  • Television, by inducing an alpha wave state, also removes the ability to process information independently and logically. Sadly, despite this wealth of research and information on the chain of evidence connecting television to mind control, more people than ever before are using television as their only source of entertainment, and ultimately, paying the price with lessened creativity and independent thinking.

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