Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hasbro, Inc., the global branded play company, will turn another of its timeless brands into a multi~media entertainment property this year with the release of the Universal Studio's film BATTLESHIP.  

Hasbro is celebrating this experience of the hot new film, directed by Peter Berg, with an action~packed line of BATTLESHIP toys ~ both in the gaming realm, where the BATTLESHIP brand originated, and in a brand new line of KRE~O building sets ~ as well as an expansive line of licensed goods.

ARV ~ $34.99
Pretend to battle the aliens alongside KREON Hopper just like the BATTLESHIP movie's most intense scenes with the ALIEN STRIKE set.

Take control of the military attack boat and lead the fight against the alien warship, while avoiding its vicious capture claw and dangerous flick~fire missiles.

The alien warship also features a main cockpit and a second gunnner station.  

Includes 277 bricks, attack boat, and four KREON figures.  Boat is not intended for water.  Recommended ages 7 & up.

In this household, KRE~O and their ilk are very popular in this household with two boys who love to build and create using their imaginations.

My oldest son was all agog over the design and pieces that he was able to create with.  He followed the instructions with very few frustrations and was able to complete his masterpiece and was very proud as he showed me the finished work compared to the picture on the box.

My youngest son aided his older brother in the construction by handing pieces from the marked bags and therefore, learning how to follow instructions at the tutelage of his older brother.  It truly was a groovy brother bonding moment~!!

I myself am not impressed with all the pieces parts that have to be accounted for...if any of you have ever stepped on one of these, then you know what I am talking about  They hurt when its unexpected~!!

However, I would put up with the pain just to enjoy watching the boys work their magic and create what they were hoping, was an exact replica of the model shown.

They had a couple of pieces left over but my oldest boy assured me that it always happens.  He builds a LOT of inventions, I have many around the house that I have kept, so your just going to have to believe him.  :)

If you have a child who loves to build and who truly digs the thought of putting one over on the alien invasion, then this is one beauty set to have and enjoy.

The price is wonderful, IMHO, with six children, you tend to get VERY frugal in your shopping and for the cost, it would be well worth every penny.  Utilizing the brain in a positive way is not only a good parental thing to enable, but your child's future will depend upon it.

Head on over to HASBRO and check out KRE~O's newest invasion, BATTLESHIP ALIEN STRIKE kids will LOVE you for it~!!

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