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5 Essential Tools For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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When planning any outdoor outing it is essential to always pack the right gear for whatever activity you are going to be doing. You would not go boating without a lifejacket or hiking without a canteen or pack for water. There are some essential tools that you should never be without if you are going to be outdoors. These tools can get you out of sticky situations and can be used for the most basic needs that anyone in a survival situation could need. And let’s just face it; whenever you are outdoors your adventure could turn into a survival situation relatively quickly.

So what five tools should you always have with you when you are on an outdoor adventure? I would always start with a knife. Pocket knives are great and convenient for everyday use and they will work if that is all that you have, but given the choice, survival knives are going to better to have with you than a plain old pocket knife or even a Swiss Army knife. A separate multi tool is always good to have, but a dedicated knife is essential.

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Fire Starting Kit
A knife will cover protection, cleaning fish and food. Now we need to cover cooking and warmth. The next tool for that job would be a fire starting magnesium stick. There are many basic types on the market and most of them can start a fire even in slightly damp conditions. Choosing one that can work in wet conditions though your best bet. This will give you a better chance at starting a fire in case you get caught in a rain storm or your supplies get wet.

Water and Food
The next two tools go hand and hand because they tackle the same need. Everyone must have water to survive. You should always have water purification tablets with you. Boiling water will work in a pinch, but for the best results your water should always be purified if you are getting it from an unfamiliar source. A canteen or water carrying device is needed in order to carry water, so you will need one of these as well. The last essential that I would add to this list is pouched, prepared food. I know that may sound just a little weird to some, but it is always smart to have an energy bar or trail mix or something with you just in case.

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