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PRODUCT REVIEW: Luden's Throat Drops

In 1879, at the age of 20, William H. Luden left his job as a confectioner and created his own business  and for over 130 years, people have been enjoying his creations.  

Using his father's old jewelry shop, his mother's kitchen and 30 lbs. of sugar, William set off door~to~door selling his candy confectionery delights.  It wasn't long for his entrepreneurial side took flight and he was placing his candies on store shelves allowing patrons to gain easier access to his wares.

Noticing that people carried vials of menthol around with them whenever they ailed, William and a pharmacist got together and created the world's first menthol cough drop.  

Luden's Orange Supplement Drops
Made with Real Orange Juice

15 calories per drop
60 mg Vitamin C
3 g sugar
Ingredients include:  sucrose, corn syrup, water, sodium ascorbate, orange juice concentrate, citric acid, flavour, ascorbic acid, pectin, yellow 6, red 40

Luden's Wild Berry Throat Drops

For temporary relief of minor discomfort and protection of irritated areas in sore mouth and sore throat.

Ingredients include:  2.8 mg pectin, ascorbic acid, corn syrup, FD&C blue 1 & 2, red 40, flavouring, malic acid, sodium acetate, sodium chloride, soybean oil used as processing aid, sucrose

Luden's Sugar Free Wild Cherry

Warning:  If sore throat persists after two days or is severe, you will need to contact your medical practitioner who will be able diagnose your symptoms.

Ingredients include:  2.8 mg pectin, acesulfame potassium, citric acid, FD&C blue 2, red 40, hydrogenated starch, hydrolysate, isomalt, malic acid, natural and artificial flavours, water, soybean oil used as a processing aid.

I love the Luden's Throat Drops and couldn't express my gratitude more for being able to review these products.  I suffer from a dry mouth, I am always thirsty and the Luden's lozenges keep my mouth moist and sated.  I am very thankful that they have created something that I don't find horrific to put in my mouth.  I do not enjoy artificial flavours and found these to be very pleasing to my palate.

I found the Sugar~Free Wild Cherry drops to be delicious, you couldn't even tell there was no sugar in them.  I also had the pleasure of trying the Orange Supplement drops and the Wild Berry flavoured throat drops.  The orange drops were scrumptious and the wild berry flavour wasn't a personal favourite of mine but the kids certainly enjoyed them.  

If you have a persistent dry mouth or irritable throat, then I would suggest grabbing yourself a bag of Luden's Throat Drops, they taste great, keep your mouth moist and the price isn't half bad either.  I can usually find a 30 bag count of the Wild Cherry drops for a dollar...and no more than why wouldn't you want to keep a bag around for those days when you just need to keep your throat soothed.

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