Friday, May 25, 2012

How Students can Start their School Week Right

I was once a student too. Most of us are looking forward for a great weekend. Hence, everyone is practically checking their watches during the last subjects every Friday.

All those excitements turn into semi – depression once Sunday night comes in. Well, that’s not surprising. With the anticipation of the long school week, you can’t help but get sad. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

Do you know that it is now a privilege to go to school? A lot of kids are out of school because of the bad economy. Their families would just allot the money for food rather than for education. So instead of getting sad every Sunday nights, just learn to start your week right.

The most obvious question is, how can you do it? That’s very simple. I have some tips on how you can start your week right. Believe me, before you know it, it’s already Friday again!

Socialize on Friday nights. For me, this is the best time to go out. You can party with your friends and catch a movie with your partners. While you’re at it, you can forget about school. This is recommended so you can refuel for the next week. If you will go out and yet, you are still thinking about school, then what’s the use? Focus on one activity so you can truly enjoy.

Do your school works on Saturdays. Based on experience, I would love to do my assignments and reports on Saturdays. And if I have some reading to do, I do it as well. Some students will protest thinking that they have Sundays to do all their school chores. Yes, that can be done. But what if you missed something, what if you need to redo all your reports? Obviously, you will need to cram on Sundays. And that’s the exact reason why you get so depressed on Sundays. It’s because you feel that you have so much to do. However, if you try to finish the reports on Saturdays, then you’ll have lesser worries.

Relax on Sundays. Stop partying hard. It’s about time that you hit the spa or do your shopping routine. If you think that you have done all your homework, then you’ll feel more relaxed. This is your way of recharging. And I can assure you, that would last for the whole week.

The key word here is balance. As you can see, the tips above allow you to have fun, right? I wouldn’t want you to drown yourself in books too. That can be very painful in the head. But of course, you are still a student. Students are expected to, well, study. Again, I would like to reiterate that it is a privilege to study. Make the most out of it instead of getting tired of going to classes.

Toni Okeson is a mother of 2 and would always give great advices to her kids. She puts value in education. In fact, she is now contributing to a well – known welding colleges site.

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