Monday, May 21, 2012

Coolest remote control cars

Men are a simple, yet bizarre species. They seem to be controlled by an inner voice that compels them to take up expensive hobbies that can quickly become the centre of their universes, much to the dismay of wives and girlfriends across the planet. Many hobbies are difficult to explain to outsiders. Knitting just isn’t going to catch on among the global male population any time soon.

Racing remote control (RC) cars is different though. Any man who claims to have never begged his parents for an RC car after watching one whizzing around in the dirt probably has unstable personality disorders and should seek professional help. RC cars are a rite of passage. They are the root of the burgeoning driving skills that men will boast about years later, just before careening into a lamp post and writing off their first real car. The first time some rich kid demolishes your humble mini ride with his glow engine monster truck also serves as an introduction to the automotive jealousy that will follow most men for the rest of their days. Things change when a boy becomes a man though. Men don’t beg their parents for RC toys, they go out and buy them themselves! Here are two of the coolest RC toys money can buy.

Traxxas Jato 3.3
If you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on impressing your friends with your new RC car, then you naturally want a model that can drive on something other than purpose built racing tracks, and it must be fast enough to take on full sized cars. The Jato3.3 from Traxxas ticks all of those boxes. Its high grade two-speed racing engine blows typical purpose-built on-road cars away, yet its suspension is versatile enough to take on the harsh realities of real-world pavement. The Jato3.3 will reach 60MPH in 4.2 seconds and will go on to hit 65MPH. In other words, this isn’t one of those RC cars that you can use to amuse children in the backyard, unless they are signed up to a very comprehensive medical plan and you are in close vicinity to a good hospital.

Mark-1 Tanks’ ¼ scale King Tiger tank
Yes, RC monster trucks are cool, but what if all your friends own one and you just have to have prove your masculine superiority with a machine that could crush them all. Fear not brave RC warrior, the ¼ scale King Tiger RC tank from Mark-1 tanks will grant you such powers. This 6ft long beast is a perfect ¼ scale model of the actual King Tiger tank, which was a absolute destroyer during World War II. The model weighs a hefty 250kg, has a working turret and a 2ft long gun with realistic recoil action for maximum effect. The tank is powered by two 500 watt, 24 volt motors which make it so strong, it can pull a full size car along a level surface. Street-cred is part of the deal, as the Mark-1 King Tiger holds the title of "the biggest radio controlled tank available in the world." For the ultimate in intimidation, choose the optional internal speakers, which gives you the same rumbling sound of the original tank. Where are your monster trucks now?

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