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Coolest Offices-Don’t You Wish You Worked There Unless of Course You Do!

We spend about a third of our lives working and for most of us, this means working in an office of some form or another. Going to work is often a chore whereby we try to make the day pass as quickly as possible waiting anxiously for 5pm to arrive. It’s not like this for everyone though as there are offices out there which will completely blow your mind! This top 10 list gives us an insight into some of these amazing places of employment.

Living Social

Designed by OTJ Architects, Living Social has created a workspace for its employees full of colour and character. The office is completely bike friendly with internal parking bays. The floors are hard wearing and polished and metro maps can be seen on the walls. Meeting areas are referred to as parks with traditional, generic office furniture being replaced with bespoke antique pieces. All in all a fantastic, workable yet fun environment to be in.


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Now based in Carnaby Street, the sports manufacturing giant has injected a wealth of influence in their London office. Employees will have the benefit of large TV’s available to watch big games and large open spaces conducive to a chilled working environment.


McLaren’s HQ in Surrey is a perfect example of how things should be done. Not unlike their exploits on the track, their technology centre sets the standard. Apart from the stunning glass structure surrounded by a selection of artificial lakes, McLaren is a leading employer. As an aspiring engineer, this would be the place to nurture your skills in the best possible environment.


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The company is not the best payer on the list but is has a young vibe and encourages progression within. There is also a free top class restaurant style canteen. Employees have said that the offices are very similar to a university campus which in itself will be a draw to many young people.

Boston Consulting Group

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Not only do they have cool, sophisticated offices but every Friday, the employees are treated to a free beer cart as part of a weekly happy hour. There are more concrete incentives too since every employee once hired will earn $139,000 a year for their basic salary.


DreamWorks Central Fountain

DreamWorks is a great place to work due to the simple fact that employees are genuinely valued for what they do. New starters are given the personal treatment from the CEO and all workers are given daily updates via email. Despite being a large organisation, there is a warm intimate feeling amongst the workers.



The Facebook offices are the envy of many a workplace. One of the reasons is that it is the product of the desires of the workers themselves. The company asked employees on its own website what they wanted in an office. The result was clear open spaces complete with iPhone docking stations and a DJ station which enables cool tunes whilst you work.


Pixar Studios

This is one of the few places where you can immerse in your inner child. It’s a tranquil, calming environment where workers will inevitably experience an absence of stress. It’s almost like going to playgroup but for adults.


Groupon Office

The Groupon office culture is completely whacky. Following on from their huge commercial success in recent years, their offices have come to be a reflection of their fun approach to work. All the meeting rooms are themed and there is even one based on 1980’s teenage boy’s room. White boards are present all around as an outlet for spurs of creativity or just plain scribbling!


Google Office

Google really is a great place to work. It truly is outstanding and justifiably at the top of the list. This is a place where people are desperate to get their feet through the front door and with good reason. Complete with a games room, free food from eleven gourmet restaurants, free onsite doctors, and its own gym, why would you want to go home? This company even allows you to wear your pyjamas to work!

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