Monday, May 28, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Downtown Green by Judy Christie

Downtown Green:  Green Series ~ Book 5

Author:  Judy Christie
Paperback:  224 pages
Publisher:  Abingdon Press (April 2012)
Language:  English

When the short bypass around Green opens with much fanfare, downtown dries up faster than cement on the roadway.  Businesses close and the hospital becomes a clinic.

Mayor Eva must decide whether to sell her historic store or close it.

The Holey Moley Antique Mall seems like a dream and more than a nightmare.

While the road is progress to some, it seems to be leading Green toward a national trend ~ a town that is merely a shadow of itself.

With the town going backwards, Lois leans on her faith but is both intrigued and jealous when a fellow business owner comes up with a strategy to save Green.  But can her plan rescue the town from the path it's on?

After the few three chapters I put the book aside, groaning, for the book was truly that boring to me.  I never realized at the time it was a fifth book in a series but I don't feel you need to read the others in order to understand the happenings in Downtown Green.

I picked the book up again and decided to give it another chance, I mean, this series is in its fifth book, so it has to have something.  I clawed my way through another couple of chapters before closing the book for good.  This book just did nothing for me.  I found it full of cliches, long winded narratives and descriptive passages that had no bearing on the over all story, other than to show the reader how life was boring in Green.

I didn't enjoy Lois and found her to be a whiny individual who spends way to much time obsessing over the silliest of things, and she truly wasn't believable in any of it.  I thought spending several paragraphs over how her husband changed their babies diaper to be mundane and I kept trying to figure out how this information was going to be needed later in the book.

Downtown Green is only the third book I have never been able to finish and for that I would give it a one out of five stars.  I just couldn't get into the stories premise, nor did I find the characters enjoyable or worthy of continuing my read.

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