Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off Roading – The Ultimate 4x4 Hobby

If you’re thinking of starting a new hobby and you like fun, excitement and you enjoy building your skills, then you should consider off roading.

Off roading has been around for several decades as a leisure activity. It all started after the Second World War when GI’s began buying the same types of Jeep they had used during the war and driving them around America’s countryside.

Since then off roading has grown into a massive industry with millions of people all over the world taking part in off roading holidays or even investing in their own off road vehicle to drive whenever they like.

Where can I go Off Roading?
In the UK there are hundreds of places where you can try off roading out. Try searching the internet to look for a provider that’s close to you if you just want to give it a try; or if you want to really go for it you can book an off roading holiday in various rural areas throughout Britain.

Who goes off roading?
People of all types and ages go off roading so joining a 4x4 club is a great way to meet people. You can be any age or sex and you can consider yourself a great driver or want to build your confidence. As long as you’ve got a driving licence you can have a go.

Is Off Roading Expensive?
Off roading doesn’t have to be expensive. You can book an activity day for under £50 and if you have a large group it becomes even cheaper. Of course if you want to invest in your own 4x4 then you will have to spend some money, but when you consider the use you’ll get out of your vehicle and the enjoyable times you’ll experience it’s well worth it.

Can I go off roading abroad?
There are hundreds of holiday destinations that offer 4x4 experiences but in some areas you may require extra insurance if you want to take part. Off roading is a great way to explore holiday destinations from a different angle and fantastic for beach holidays where you might want a break from the towns and beaches.

What can I gain from off roading
Driving a 4x4 across difficult terrain is an ideal way to improve your driving skills and be a more confident driver in your daily life. Once you’ve negotiated rocks, rivers and rugged landscapes then a spin through the city centre will seem like a doddle.

Driving a 4x4 can really get the adrenalin pumping so it’s a great way to inject some excitement into your life and relieve all that work stress.

Off roaders are a friendly bunch so if you want to get out there and meet like minded people then it could be the perfect activity for you.

Jade Coleman enjoys blogging about action packed sports and motor racing experiences.

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