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The Top 5 Most Beautiful Flowers

The very use of flowers within the culture of most countries in the world has been down to their beauty and ornamental excellence. The most expensive flowers in the world may not be the most beautiful. In fact the most expensive flower ever sold, the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, has been described a Frankenstein flower, this may be more to do with its manmade nature as appose to its aesthetic but none the less it proves that beauty in flowers, as with most things in life, is of course in the eye of the beholder. There are some classic blooms though, whose beauty could not be strongly protested.

The first is the classic rose - Rosaceae. Roses can come in over 100 different species and are known the world over as symbols of love and romance. Roses are also famous for their aromatic aroma and come in nearly every colour you could want or need. The deep red rose of course being the most enigmatic symbol for love and the audacious bloom is juxtaposed with its thorny foliage entrenching the romantic based representation.

Orchids - Orchidaceae, can also boast a variety of species, over 20,000 varieties in fact. Orchids are far from rare and horticulturalists have produced over 100,000 hybrids from the original species. Their habitat covers all continents, apart from the poles and they are incredible durable. Their history goes back as far as ancient Greek Myth and their beauty has been referred to in literature for years.

photo attributed to Galileo55

The Calla Lilly
The Calla Lilly - Antedeschia Aethiopica, has many different names such as Lily of the Nile, Easter lily, Arum lily and Varkoor. The choice for this is a specific species of flower this time is due to the fact that it is perceived as the most elegant of its members. It’s native only to Africa and its tropical aesthetic has brought a touch of class to many wedding bouquets in recent years. Many big purveyors of flowers such as can supply you with a classic calla Lilly bouquet. Its pure white bloom has a velvety texture which is penetrated by its idiosyncratic bright yellow stamen.

photo attributed to aresauburnâ

Water Lilies
The sultry water lilies - Nymphaeaceae have earned their place as one of the most beautiful flower species due to their fame in the world or art; poets have used the water lily as a muse as well as infamous paintings of the blooms. Another member of the lily family, these archetypal shapes and colours are the epitome of natural beauty and exotic aesthetic as their lily pads float on the water.

Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossom, though a plant whose primary use was for food, has now become an ornamental flower in itself. These Japanese wonders scatter a Spring time meadow with subtle beauty and feature heavily within their folk lore symbolising the ephemeral nature of life, an idea preached within Buddhism. Cherry blossom is now seen in most countries in the world and is often purposely planted within urban areas as these fresh blossoms give a naturalistic element to the most metropolitan borough.

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