Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Community Forum Discussions - Adult Community at EdenFantasys

At sexuality is celebrated and expressed in many ways.  Their community members and contributors are from all over the world.  They are bi, straight and gay.  They're happily monogamous and joyfully polyamorous.  They are plump, thin, college students, parents, retirees, couples, singles, physically challenged, non~disabled and more.

At EdenFantasys everyone is welcome, with the goal of helping each person find a unique path toward sexual fulfillment.  No matter who you are, you'll fit right in with the EdenFantasys community.  Read their blog, post on the forums, submit reviews...the community wants to hear what YOU think. encourages their community members to grow and discover themselves as sexual beings.  They refer to their company and community as "sex~positve".  

It is their belief that safe, consensual expression of sexuality is a wonderful and crucial part of human life.  Unfortunately, it's a part of life that's often been shrouded in unnecessary secrecy and shame.  EdenFantasys strive to provide products, services and information that will help you celebrate the powerfully positive affects of sexuality in your life ~ with NO judgement or embarrassment.

At EdenFantasys they have the highest standards for online transactions.

Your personal information is never shared with anyone...EVER...End of story.

Packages are shipped discreetly and they promise the package will look completely inconspicuous because no matter how cool they think they are, your brand new products are, your neighbours do not need to know only what you share with them.  You can read more about their privacy policy here, but you can be rest assured that they use only plain boxes and nondescript return address.

Peignoir Set ~ $34.99

There are many reasons to shop at EdenFantasys and many items to choose from.  They carry numerous sex toys, for all available pleasures as well as music, books, perfumes, make~up, costumes and so much more.

The folks at are a groovy bunch of people to be involved with, they truly care about the people who shop and/or hang out in the forums.  Everyone is treated like an individual and each needs are listened to as well as encouraged.

Long Sleeve Stretch Gown ~ $29.99

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