Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Infographic ~ Brain Hack the 7 Deadly Sins

Ever wonder which of the 7 deadly sins characterizes you most? Are you a gluttony addict or simply a bit too greedy? Everybody has a particular sin that they battle with on a daily basis. Instead of battling your tendency to be envious of your friends with the latest Chanel purses or allow your pride to annoy your co-workers, you can figure out a couple of easy ways to temper your sins. Dealing with envy can be as easy as looking on the bright side of things and being grateful for all of the things one already possesses. Battling a tendency toward greed can be as simple as taking up a new hobby.

By reading about the 7 deadly sins below, you can figure out the ways to find new life and deal with sins like pride, vanity or laziness. Never let another sin weigh you down in this life. Instead, take up yoga or get off your bum to ward off these evil sins!

From: BecomeCareer.com

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