Monday, May 28, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Keridan's Journey by Michelle Peterson

Keridan's Journey

Author:  Michelle Peterson
Paperback:  266 pages
Publisher:  Wbd Books (February 2011)
Language:  English

Project manager by day and artist by night, Keridan Patrick's simple world ended with the death of her mother.  

The father she never knew showed up after twenty~five years and introduced her to a heritage cloaked in myth and secrecy.

While fighting to keep some semblance of normalcy to her suddenly unpredictable world, she chanced to meet the mysterious Sahaj.

Sahaj ran for hundreds of years from the one soul he was destined to be with but was grounded by the one he could not live without.

Would old flames and new enemies stand in the way of love?

First time author, Michelle Peterson, has done a fairly decent job combining sirens and shape~shifters together.  I thought the premise of the story to be believable and was certainly intrigued with the plot and the characters themselves.

I enjoyed reading about the author's myths and legends surrounding sirens and shape~shifters but I felt that the revelation to Keridan was extremely rushed for the character and for the reader.  The story unfolds in a fast paced rush that often leaves the reader wishing the author had slowed her tempo down somewhat and gave the viewer a bigger understanding of the situations and surroundings.

The whole book is left without any flesh added to the bones and you are often left unfulfilled with the outcome.  I would've loved to have seen more of a relationship with her mother, whom I felt nothing for in her passing, the father who just magically reappears in her life, the Aunts whom we learn next to nothing about, the world of the Sirens, which leaves huge holes in the story and Sahaj.  His introduction to the story could've been shared in a much more believable way than how it did occur.

There were many editorial issues with this fantasy novel and the author may wish to make note of this, it can be very frustrating for people who read a lot.  We notice everything~!!  Having many typos can seriously interrupt the story's flow.

I felt that the scenes could have been shared in a more imaginative way, especially for the folks who have never been to India, one of the locales mentioned in the book.  If I hadn't read about the characters boarding a private jet, I would've never realized they changed scenes.

I enjoyed Sahaj's abilities and how he is able to contact anything that he wishes to have that will benefit him, I would love to have a superpower such as that.  

I would give Keridan's Journey a three out of five stars, with a little editing and a bit more filler this could be a really enjoyable book to peruse.  I am definitely going to keep my eyes open for more by Ms. Peterson, she definitely has talent to work with.

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