Thursday, May 24, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Treat ~ Father's Day Cards

It’s almost June and time to start celebrating the contribution that fathers and father figures make for their children’s lives.

I remember as a child going camping every Father's Day, my Dad was a HUGE outdoorsman and whenever there was opportunity we were traversing in nature.

I remember in grade school making some of the neatest things for my Daddy, like homemade cards that he always displayed with love and handmade macrame artworks that he always put somewhere to be displayed with pride.  

I remember going through my Daddy's things after he passed away and becoming very emotional when I came across some of the things my sisters and my children had made for him over the years.  I never knew how much he cherished his gifts from his children and grand~children.

If any of you are looking for a groovy online site in which to purchase a Father's Day card for your Dad, Grandfather, Brother, Significant other or what have you, then Treat is the place where "cards get personal".

I found the ordering process to be quite simple, the directions are straight~forward and very easy to follow.  You can add personal touches, such as, photo's, your own words and phrases, you have total control over what you wish to place upon the card.

After your editing is done to your satisfaction, you proceed to the checkout where you can opt to have Treat mail the card to your recipient for you, or you can opt to have the card sent to yourself and you can forward it to the appropriate person in your life.

I found pages and pages of designs to choose from, there is truly something there for everyone, from the serious to the humorous, you cannot go wrong in finding a card to complete your message of love with.

There are several other neat features one can apply if they wish.  You can opt to have a gift card added to your Father's Day card if you wish, from popular places such as Amazon, iTunes, Target and many more.  

You can choose to have reminders set up or import them from Facebook so that you will never have to miss another important moment again.

You can also schedule your cards for up to one year, taking the onus off your shoulders to remember at the last minute to take care of your loved ones.

AND...your VERY first Treat card is FREE~!!  All  you need to do is use the code FREETREAT at the checkout and you can check out for yourself what an awesome site this is.  And it's not all about Father's Day cards either...they have cards for EVERY situation~!! thing that is not groovy, is that the FREE card is only available for folks from the United States as they don't have International shipping happening...but I do believe its in the works, so stayed tuned for any updates concerning the shipping practices at Treat.

And if you got a moment...the folks at Treat LOVE to make new connect with them today~!!

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