Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How To Avoid Dangers In Modern Airline Travel

It used to be that the prospect of boarding an aircraft, including all the steps that led up to it, from the time you stepped out of the taxi at the departure curb, to the point where you confirmed your seating and went through baggage check, was all a wonderful and magical experience. The thought of stepping into the belly of a plane that would defy gravity and raise you up to the heavens where you would miraculously look down below you and see a tiny Earth slowly moving by at hundreds of miles each minute was something that was altogether surreal and new to many people.

 Airline Travel
However, today, the opposite seems to be the case. The idea of boarding a plane now presents more fear overcome by the necessity of travel than anything else. Beginning a holiday or a business trip where the first thought is the long security lines and the harsh personal searches as well as the possibility that a fellow passenger's intention may be to not reach the plane's intended destinations, is something that makes commercial air travel a nightmare for many.

 Travel Risks
As planes get larger to satisfy the travel needs of larger numbers of people flying, the long lines at the airport are likely to increase. As the tensions between those in power and those who want more power increase, so will the threat of terrorism. As fanaticism increases with a corresponding decrease in value of human life, so will the threat to travel safety.

Private Air Travel
The remaining solution to these significant issues is to turn our collective attention to the private jet industry and the options they it offers. To think of this as a luxurious solution is only partially accurate. There is off course the luxurious side of taking a private jet just, where caviar and lobster replace chicken a’ la King, it is not these extremes that should be eyed. There is the option of private travel that most are beginning to learn of.

With private air travel, a person only has to make a booking for a time in advance or on the day of the  travel and a jet is then dispatched to any airport that is close to the person. If, for instance, one lived in Westchester county in Connecticut, the usual solution would be to take a limousines service to either JFK or LaGuardia, or maybe even Newark. However, a private jet would be able to land at Westchester  County airport and this would save about an hour's worth of drive time in addition to all the delays from the curb to the plane.

Pricing for such conveniences are not as lofty as one would suspect. Prices are more based on distances flown, and hours spent in the air, than they are about convenience. 

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