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Astrology - Why People Love it So

Just like the moon and the sun affect all life on Earth and the tides, these celestial beings have an effect on humans, their emotions and their overall makeup. Astrology is the study of how all these different forces work to make your life what it is. The study is about you as a person as well as the current environmental situations that make things harder or easier for you. When you understand more about where you come from and why you are the way you are, you can better focus your life and energy to be the person you want to be. Astrology does not tell you what your life has to be but rather helps you navigate the rough waters of life with a little more purpose.

When you were Born
The placement of the stars when you were born puts you in a particular zodiac sign which gives you a simplified list of some of your personality traits. While these traits manifest differently in every person, there are certain things that are similar. By recognizing these traits you can decide how you want to work them so that you are as successful as possible. For example, if you are a Taurus you are most likely stubborn. Just knowing this can help you open up to those around you and try and put aside your differences if you know you are just digging in because of your tendencies rather than fact.

Why Does this Pull Effect You?
The gravitational pull to your person is based on when you were born and the placement of the stars at that time. Astrology puts a lot of emphasis on how this gravity affects your path throughout your life. As the stars move around this changes your mood and your purpose. By knowing what these effects are you can plan to focus your energies according to where your strengths lie at any given time in your life.

What Your Horoscope Means
Horoscopes are generalized studies for your sign as a whole. They give you information regarding what the stars pull is currently doing to you and people like you. These changes can affect your relationships both personally and at work. There are times when it is better to be more outgoing while other times it is better to be reflective. Astrology tries to guide you in a direction that will be the best use of your time rather than wasting your time if the stars are not in the right place for you right now.

The Study of Birthdays
Astrology also believes in the placement of certain traits based on your birthday as well. Zodiac signs are a general belief for a whole group of people while birthdays can be much more specific. Those born on certain days tend to have some similar traits and can focus their particular skills in one way. If everyone under every sign was exactly the same we would only have 12 personality types which is not realistic. The study of more specific Astrology accounts for all the differences between humans as a whole. There are certain areas of your sign that affect you more than others.

Your Year and Your Life Path
Even further than your date of birth is your year of birth. When you are born the stars are differently placed depending on the year and this pull can push you in a particular direction. These are considered your destiny paths and when paired with your birthday information can be quite accurate in determining the type of life you can lead. When you look at the whole picture you can make some decisions based on what is likely to work best for you.

Many people don't believe in Astrology. Those who do tend to use it as a basic blue print for choices they make. This does not mean that it is the end all but it is a good guidepost when you are facing rough decisions or you are trying to determine your next step. It sometimes gives you just the inspiration you need to keep moving forward and get where you want to in your life.

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