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What Can Cause Eye Colour Change?

In humans the colours of the eyes - or more accurately the irises of the eyes - can vary from the lightest shade of gray to the darkest shade of brown. Predominantly it is your genes and your body’s melanin production that will determine your eye colour. However, eye colour can change throughout a person’s lifetime starting from infancy, which can be due to several factors. 

Regardless of ethnic background or the parents’ eye colour, most babies have gray or blue eyes at birth and as they grow the colour of the irises will slowly change, which can be fascinating to observe for parents and relatives. In fact, eye colour is primarily determined by the distribution and concentration of melanin within the iris fibers as well as the spacing and size of the iris fibers. Melanin is not present in the irises at birth. This is the reason why most babies have similar eye colour. However, from the age of 4 to 6 months when the body begins to produce and deposit melanin into the iris fibers, the infant’s eye colour will visibly start to change accordingly. According to experts it can take up to 5 years for the final eye colour to develop.

Eye Color Change Due to Aging
As we age, the colour of the eyes can gradually become lighter. This will most commonly occur in Caucasian people who had a lighter colour to begin with. With aging melatonin can begin to break down in the iris fibers, which can cause a visible change to a person’s eye colour. However, people who have darker eye colour will not experience a noticeable change.

Eye Color Change Due to Medications
Using Prostaglandin Analogs, which is an eye drop, prescribed for intraocular pressure or in other words pressure built up within the eyes due to the accumulation of fluids. It is important to use them, since they reduce the chances of developing optic nerve damage. However, one of the potential side effects of this drug is that the user’s irises may turn permanently brown.

According to research detoxing your body will significantly lighten the colour of your eyes. Not only that, it will also clear your skin, making your complexion healthy and glowing.

Illegal Drugs
Although the use of illegal substances will not cause any permanent eye colour change, neither will it affect the irises, temporarily it can make a user’s eyes glassy and red. The pupils of the eyes will significantly enlarge and controlling eye movement will also become difficult. The effects of this eye colour change will only last for a few hours before the person’s vision, eye movement and eye colour returns to normal again.

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