Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Sharp Shirter ~ The Puginator

At Sharp Shirter they are dedicated to creating products that merge the relationship between animals and humans.  They find it intriguing that humans categorize animals into certain classifications.  Some animals we eat, some we stand up and protect, some we own and yes, some we fear.  Animals also share this range of emotions and intentions when they have to deal with animals.  Some animals are wild and will attack feeling humans as a threat, others are fearful of us while some would die to protect us. 

Sharp Shirters doesn't attempt to have any answers to these relationship conundrums but are rather pleased with the questions they create.

Since 2005, Sharp Shirter has grown their collection to include men's, women's and children's clothing as well as accessories for computers and phones.  They are proud to use "sweat~shop" free American Apparel that is professionally printed in the U.S. and made to last.

Prices starting at $24.00

Mens ~ Puginator (Brown or Charcoal)

This design was created because of "Sophie the Pug" who became the new bestest friend of the designer.  As the two bonded, nicknames became the norm and Sophie~Tron was born and it was only natural that the Puginator makes a great dedication for the love of a pet~!

My son just loves this tee shirt~!!  He said the fit is perfect, the material feels groovy on his skin and he LOVES the design.  He said the picture online did not do this tee shirt any justice.  He wore it for days before I managed to convince him to return it to me so that we could put it through the wash test.

He was very worried that it was going to shrink or fade, we've had that happen before, but to his great relief, it survived the ordeal and has several times since.  It still wears like its brand new with no signs of showing wear and tear.

BTW...I do believe this design is being phased out so you'd better get there quick but even if you do not...they are some REALLY wonderful tee shirts to check out...plus, they have hoodies, beater style shirts,  dresses, iPhone cases and some pretty sweet prints...I love the Marilyn Monroe Bear Head print...nice~!!

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