Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creative Uses for Wallpaper

If you have ever used wallpaper within your house, or even someone else's house, then you know there is almost always too much of it. It doesn't matter how well you measured it, how careful you were to try and get the right amount, or how sure you were that you got the right measurements; there will be leftovers. Ordinarily this extra wallpaper just gets thrown out. Perhaps people think that it is a waste but that there is nothing that can be done with this extra wallpaper. Fortunately, this is not true. In fact, there are many creative uses for the leftover wallpaper. Below are 10 uses for extra wallpaper that are both simple and elegant.

1) Cover your light switch plates in wallpaper. This is very simple, but also adds a nice touch to the room. It can be done with either the same wallpaper that is in the room, or with complimentary wallpaper.

2) Use wallpaper to decorate the outside of trash bins. By matching the trash basket to the room it looks like less of an eye sore, but at the same time allows it to maintain its functionality. There are lots of expensive trash cans for sale, but by using wallpaper you can accomplish the same task while saving a good deal of money.

3) Decorate your cabinets with leftover wallpaper. Again, this is one where using the same wallpaper or different wallpaper would both work. The insides of cabinets are one of the most overlooked areas of a house for decoration, which does not make sense. It's an area that is frequently looked at by guests when they want to get a drink or some food. By pasting some leftover wallpaper into the insides of the cabinet it adds a subtle style to the house without being overly showy.

4) Use extra wallpaper as gift wrap. Gift wrap is one of those household items that is always in needed, and never seems to be there when you need it. The next time you are frantically looking for some wrapping paper to mail that gift you somewhat forgot about, don't rush out to the store and buy wrapping paper. Instead, grab some of the old wallpaper sitting idly in the closet and use that.

5) Turn leftover wallpaper into artwork. This is one of the more popular trends among designers working on a budget today. Cut out pieces of the wallpaper that you like and then add it to a simple frame. This can be done with multiple different wallpapers as well. Once all the wallpaper is framed, simply hang it on a wall that you believe will be complimented by the selected wallpapers.

6) Create book covers with extra wallpaper. This is especially relevant for those with younger children. Teachers often require that they add book covers to their textbooks. Instead of going out and buying these covers, they can be created with leftover wallpaper. Both saving money, and looking better than most of the ones that can be purchased.

7) Use wallpaper to cover the inside of a bookcase or display case. By pasting some wallpaper to the inside of the display or book case it allows a subtle background that can emphasize and compliment the contents of the case. The only tricky part is ensuring that whatever wallpaper you decide to use for the backdrop of the case matches and compliments what will be displayed. To ensure that this happens make sure to hold it up inside the case before doing anything permanent.

8) Put extra wallpaper under the glass of a coffee table. This allows for a more interesting looking coffee table and it can be changed out. Simply lift the class, insert the properly cut piece of wallpaper, and put the glass back down.

9) Cover the outside of storage boxes around the house with wallpaper. Instead of having plain looking storage boxes sitting around the house, decorate them with interesting wallpaper.

10) Cut out place-mat sized pieces of wall paper and laminate them. Once they are laminated they make for excellent place-mats. They can be both formal and informal depending on what wallpaper is used. It saves money, and allows for more variety.

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