Saturday, May 5, 2012

Algonquin Spiritual Dieties

This is a collection of the dieties in which my people have made a part of their is from this in which I am today...and yes, I do realize there are many more...

Nanabozho (nah~nah~boh~zhoh) or Wisekedjak (wee~sah~kay~jock) ~ (There are several different ways that this name is shared and varies by tribe)  This is the benevolent hero of the Anishinable tribes and often depicted as a rabbit.  He was sent to name all things and taught fishing to the people.  He is also known as a shape~shifter and is co~creator of the world.  

Michabo (mih~shah~bose) ~ Another referral to the diety Nanabozho...the French corrupted the word in their translation. 

Kichi Manido (kih~chee muh~nih~doh) ~ "Great Spirit" ~ a divine spirit with no human form or attributes (including gender) and is never personified in Algonquin mythology.  

Nokomis (noh~koh~miss) ~ Nanabozho's wise old grandmother.

Kichi~Odjig ~ "Great Fisher" ~ An animal spirit hero who slew monsters, set the seaons in motion and is represented as the "Big Dipper".

Widjigo (wee~jih~goh) ~ An evil man~eating spirit who play the role of "monsters" and "boogeymen" in some myths while in others it is said that people who commit sins (especially those relating to selfishness, gluttony and/or cannabilism) are turned into a Widjigo as punishment.  

Pagwadjinini (pug~wuh~jih~nih~nee) ~ Little people of the forests.  Their name means "wild man" and though they are mischievious, they are generally harmless and good~natured.

Memegwesi (may~may~gway~see) ~ Small water spirits, said to inhabit waterfalls or riverbanks.  They are generally benign creatures however, if you fail to show them proper respect, they will tamper with your canoe by drifting them astray or they will steal things.

Mishiginebig (mih~shih~gih~nay~big) ~ "Great Serpent" ~ An underwater horned serpent which has been said to lurk in lakes and eat humans.  

Mishibijiw (mih~shih~bih~zhew) ~ "Water Panther" ~ A powerful creature cross between a cougar and a dragon that lives deep in the water and causes men and women to drown.

Onimiki (o~nih~mih~kee) or Pinesi (pih~nay~see) ~ "Thunderbird" ~ A giant bird in which thunder is caused by the beating of its giant wings.  Very powerful beings that rarely bother humans and are treated with great reverence.

Bi~bon (pih~boon) ~ Spirit of the North wind who brings winter to the land.

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