Sunday, May 6, 2012

2 Things That Will Help Sell a Haunted Home

Killings, torture, insanity and just plain evilness have created houses that are considered by many as "haunted." Take for instance the Riddle House whose inhabitants have taken their lives or have experienced financial hardships and physical injuries because of wicked spirits. 

The Franklin Castle is another place that also had its share of so much tragedy that bound spirits continue to haunt it. Then, there's the Amityville house where the DeFeo's son shot his own family creating a nasty bloodbath. Such atrocities make a house frightening to many people. Who would want to live with spirits or malicious ghosts? Many could take rattling doorknobs or weird sounds. But the line is drawn when ghosts actually cause physical or even emotional harm to a person. Because of this, homes or properties that are supposedly haunted are harder to sell, especially these days when real estate isn't doing that well. Still, there are several special methods that can be employed if the goal is to sell a creepy residence.

Tone Down the Scare Level
Let's face it. The way a house looks does have an effect on how creepy it appears to people. Unkempt yards, broken windows or rotting doors that hang on their hinges all give a house a more depressing look. So, why not give the house a minor face-lift to liven things up a little bit? Adding some greens in the yard and painting the house a cheery color can do a lot in getting rid of the spooky vibe. There are also home stagers as well, which are professionals who know the exact things to do in order to brighten up a place.

Sometimes, physical changes may not be enough to eliminate an ominous ambiance, which is why some people, even real estate agents, call modern "ghostbusters." Psychic mediums or other spiritual experts can help in clearing a property of bad spirits. These people can supposedly "communicate" with spirits of the dead and this way, they can tell the elements to go away. One popular real-life ghostbuster is David Franklin Farkas of He is a psychic and a house healer who can help sell eerie properties, and he also works with priests and other spiritual healers to accomplish this.

Another way is by burning dried sage. The smoke is thought to clear areas of any lingering spiritual elements.

Attract the Right Buyers
Before resorting to doing something drastic, like tearing a house down, why not draw in people who like weird and scary things. Even though creepy houses may only be in during Halloween, there are actually individuals who like haunted homes. Appealing to this niche market is a good option.

Propose options to buyers or investors too. For instance, if a person isn't interested in living in a creepy house, there are other things that can be done to a property. With some renovations, a haunted house can be transformed into a bed and breakfast, and one of its attractions could be that it's haunted. Though this could be a risky move, there have actually been infamous homes that have been revamped and made into inns, bed-and-breakfast accommodations or hotels. Tearing a place down and putting up another structure is another sound idea.

One final thing to try out is to lower the price of a property. This may not bring in a profit, but at least you would be able to sell a house for the same amount that you bought it.

Real estate expert, Claire Radcliffe, specializes in promoting stigmatized homes. She also sells Hawaii Kai homes and other types of real estate in the west coast.

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