Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zombies We Remember~!!

When you give a zombie a name, one tends to remember that zombie~!! It's much easier talking about a zombie with a name instead of describing..."you know...the one that was eating the leg with the tennis shoe on it." I mean, that doesn't make for great conversation, especially when everyone could have a different perception of that scene...who knows how many legs get chomped on in any given zombie movie. Some of the more memorable zombies that come to mind have all been given names or have names attributed to them...this is by no means a full list, just a few that I thought of off the top of my head...I would love to hear of any that I may have missed~!! 

 1. Bub ~ Day of the Dead ~ 1985

Not only is Bub the favourite amongst zombie afficianados for his somewhat understanding and caring character...but he also the only zombie to have ever uttered a phrase in saying..."Hello Aunt Alicia" as well, some die hard fans even believe Bub mutters an "I'm Sorry" when Sarah enter's Logan's lab and she is frightened when Bub steps out of the shadows.  

2.  Fido ~ Fido ~ 2006

"Is that blood on your zombie?"  Fido is a Canadian zombie comedy film directed by Andrew Currie.  This approach to a zombie alternate universe, in which zombies were controlled via remote collars, was received with mixed reviews.  Owning your own zombie has never been so hilarious~!!

3.  Tammy ~ Fido ~ 2006

Who can forget Fido's, "Tammy"...the next~door neighbour's, Mr. Theopolis', necrophiliac zombie love?  She deservedly needs a mention as being the only female zombie to have a memorable name.  Love finds itself the strangest places to shoot its arrows too...

4.  Stubbs the Zombie ~ Wideload Games ~ 2005

Its the Great Depression and Eddie Stubbs is a mild~mannered salesman when the zombie outbreak occurs.  His love Maggie Monday is his heart's desire and he will do anything for her brains...erm...her heart...yeah, that's right~!!  Stubbs has great music flavour which decidedly makes up for his lack of personal hygiene.

5.  Ed ~ Shaun Of The Dead ~ 2004

Got to enjoy the comedic antics of Ed before AND after his's too bad he still cheats at video games and Ed...really??  Did you HAVE to??  Ewwww~!!

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