Monday, January 2, 2012

The Many Benefits of Zinc for Women

Zinc deficiency is no laughing matter, especially for women.  In fact the benefits of zinc for women might just surprise you.  But first, just what is zinc, and why is it so important?

What is Zinc?

When you were a kid your mother probably told you to make sure to take your vitamins or to eat all your vegetables before all the vitamins went out of them.  Turns out she wasn’t that far off.  Vitamins and minerals are indeed a very important part of your dietary intake, and zinc is definitely one of those elements that should not be skimped on.

Used to keep the body functioning properly, zinc is a key part of a number of different enzymes and is one of the few elements to actually be found in every cell in the body.  So yes, zinc is important to keep your body healthy, but how exactly can zinc benefit women especially?

Zinc for Women

If you’re female you’ll understand just how important it is to always look your best.  Seriously, it sometimes seems that every time we turn around we are being judged on our appearance, which is why giving ourselves the very best advantage is always a good idea.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to take care of the fundamentals; those basic needs that the body has including good nutrition, lots of fresh clear water, good hygiene and plenty of sleep. So where does zinc fit into all of this?  Shall we start with skin care?

Taking care of your skin is a primary part of taking care of your entire body, and studies have shown that ingesting zinc as a supplement can actually help to improve the skin’s appearance, including the reduction or elimination of acne.  In fact, topical applications of zinc on the skin can help with outbreaks as well.  Zinc is also used in special combinations to help give the sun protection from the sun and to reduce swelling and redness in everything from sunburns and burn blisters to itchy or painful gums.

Another thing that women take great pride in - and which their physical appearance is judged by – is the condition of their hair.  Thick, healthy, shiny hair is something that everyone wants, but which is harder and harder to achieve over time or due to abusing our hair with chemical treatments and repeated straightening and curlings.  The use of zinc in dandruff shampoos or in other kinds of hair treatments can help to prevent fungal infections of the scalp and reduce or eliminate dandruff or even hair loss.

One problem that many women face and that few want to talk about are rashes and irritations of the skin in very sensitive areas.  When it comes to treating these kinds of conditions, zinc oxide (ironically often used in diaper rash creams) can be incredibly helpful in eliminating these kinds of issues.

Finally, zinc may actually have a beneficial use in the treatment of eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.  While there is more research needed to back this up, patients that have received zinc supplements have shown a decided improvement in their eating disorders.

As you can see, while only one of many vitamins and minerals needed to keep the body functioning and healthy, zinc plays a major part in overall health, and the benefits of zinc for women can be particularly helpful in helping us to keep up our appearances and vitality.

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