Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ HULK Gamma Green Smash Fists

The movie, THE AVENGERS, being distributed May 4, 2012 is sure to be a HUGE hit with Super Hero lovers~!!  Distributed by Disney Pictures based on Marvel comics and with toy companies such as Hasbro to bring us all our movie tie~in toys and memorabilia, how can it NOT be a film fascination for folks from all walks of life?

Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ HULK Gamma Green Smash Fists

The popular "HULK hands" are back~!  

Based on the Incredible HULK's appearance in the upcoming film, THE AVENGERS, the GAMMA GREEN SMASH FISTS are two soft foam~rubber wearable fists that let kids smash and crash just like THE HULK~!!

Feel as powerful as your amazing Marvel ~ THE AVENGERS hero, HULK, with these fantastic gamma green smash fists~!!

When you put these on its much easier imagining your super hero strengths as you pretend to smash thru things just like the HULK does~!!

Approximate Retail Value:  $24.99
Ages:  5 & Up these fists are GREAT...ARRRRR...RAWWRRRRR~!!  You cannot help but feeling all beefed up as you box and smash your arms around~!!

I love their foamy feeling and tho' it can hurt if you have muscle bound power houses like my children, for the most part, the impact is very manageable.  I was wishing I had the HULK mask that you can accessorize these with on my face, then I would have been the ultimate groovy green gal~!!

My kids LOVED these Gamma Green Smash Fists and often box each other off their feet whenever they are wearing them, yes, they do promote a kind of wild nature that is found in children.  However, I feel my creative and positive methods of releasing pent up stress and frustration is a great way to improve themselves. 

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