Wednesday, May 9, 2012

World’s Largest Video Wall Unveiled At Las Vegas Airport

The McCarran International airport in Las Vegas has been known to be one of the more technological advanced airports in the aviation industry and has now added a video wall instillation to their airport that is set to be the largest video wall in the world.

World’s Largest Video Wall

McCarran International airport, together with Samsung electronics, have unveiled their massive video wall, utilising top of the range systems. The 100 screen video wall, comprising of multiple screens which have been joined together to form one large screen, is situated at the airport's D Concourse Rotunda. The Samsung Video wall measures 33 feet by 19 feet. The airport together with Samsung have made claims that it will be the world’s largest video wall and have gone to record trackers, The Guinness Book Of World Records for validation. They wait to hear back from them in 2 to 3 months.

Officials at McCarran airport have seen the value of this video wall as an attractive feature to the airport and as a means to advertising and talk to different people from around the world. It is also a new and innovative way to increase profits and bring in more money. It also helps to raise the stature of the airport and make it one of the more technologically advanced airports around.

The hi-tech Samsung video wall offers nearly four times the screen quality a normal video wall does and is featured in full HD (high definition). The huge and impactful video wall is sure to attract advertisers from top brands. From brands already in the airport looking for that last push to get customers into their shops, to events taking place in Las Vegas and a great position to advertise and promote tourism. Airports are known to be hot spots for advertising due to lay overs and transit times of people travelling through the airport. What’s better to do than shop at duty free prices?

The Samsung video wall is one factor among the airport’s advertising digital strategy; four smaller screens are located at other positions throughout the airport used for the same function as the large video wall.

Alliance airport advertising, the company that was involved in facilitating the deal between McCarran and Samsung have evaluated that the video wall and its advertising may bring around $500,000 to $1 million in advertising profits to the airport each year, a pretty total. The video wall project has taken much research and logistics to come together but the numbers are there as are the financial benefits.   
Jemma Scott writes about topical technological happenings from around the world. Her interest in the video wall being unveiled stemmed from her time in the UK where she discovered video wall installation Essex.

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