Thursday, May 3, 2012 ~ Parental Monitoring is an advanced parental intelligence system.

Featured in Forbes, U.S. News & World Report and, UKnowKids makes parenting easier and gives you the tools to make it safer for your children.

After one of his children became a victim of a online predator, Tim Woda, felt there had to be a better way to keep children safe while online.  Tim's brother, Steve, joined on board and sometime in June of 2009, UKnowKids was born.

Along with a team of highly successful programmers, internet security and risk management personal, the goal was to create the first Parental Intelligence System in order to help parents keep their social and mobile kids safe.

Their online service make's it much easier for you to connect to your child's online personality.'s technology helps protect your children from online predators, bullying, and sexting.  Without constantly hounding your children, this service allows for easier tracking by providing parents with the necessary tools to keep their children safe.

You get:

Comprehensive Facebook Monitoring
Mobile Phone & Text Message Monitoring
Monitor activity from any location.
Receive daily top contact lists
Recently added social networking friends
Time of Day reporting
Text-lingo & slang translation
Contact & Message search engine
Tools to help you teach your children
Pictures posted by your child
Pictures posted of your child
Notifications sent by email of SMS
Customizable Notifications

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