Saturday, May 5, 2012

Top 5 Roadside Attractions in Canada!

A trip through the countryside can often be a boring and unexciting way to get to the next destination. Kids whine, eyelids droop, and interest sags. With these five amazing sights to behold, your trip to Canada will be no ordinary trip. Instead, prepare to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of the smelting plants in Sudbury, Ontario, be sure to notice the "Big Nickel," a Canadian 5-cent piece that graces the grounds of Dynamic World, a theme park with a geology/mining theme. The city has many smelters in town and boasts many slag piles where the remaining slag after smelting is poured. Once you have seen the Big Nickel, ask for directions to the nearest slag pile to see a bit of molten wonder as it is poured onto the heap.

If metal-making is not quite the family hobby, try stopping for ice cream at the Coombs General Store. This ice cream parlor and general store is not quite your average stop, however. As you walk into the building, look up--you just might see the family of goats that calls the roof home. That is right, a flock of goats actually graze and live on the roof of the general store. After you have screamed with delight at seeing them, head inside for a delicious meal and ice cream cone. This stop is one of the most famous in British Columbia and will be sure to provide enjoyment for the entire family.

For all sports-related families, be sure to drive by the world's largest hockey stick located in Duncan, British Columbia. This small mill town is known for this hockey stick and the world's biggest totem pole. Of course, if the sight of the stick inspires you to stop for a game, just pull in--the gigantic hockey stick sits proudly atop the city's hockey rink.

The UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta has attracted far more than just a few aliens to its grounds. While an alien has yet to take up the invitation, the tourist attraction welcomes thousands every year. The site offers an Interpretive Centre as well as a Tourist Centre and a UFO hotline that allows people to report sightings and other interesting tidbits related to the alien world.

A near-life-size T Rex stands watch over the museum that tells the story of their existence near Duncan, Alberta. During the dinosaur age, these huge scaly lizards roamed the area and left evidence that can be seen, admired, and, in some cases taken home (if you wish for a piece of dinosaur scat). Tour the museum or visit the Dinosaur Trail Golf Course for a truly creepy experience.

Photo: CP/Bill Graveland

Nearly every little town and hamlet in Canada has its own unique attraction. Roadside attractions are a fun way to keep the kids attention from dragging throughout the length of the trip. Make a game of it to find out who can find the most unique attractions as you drive across the country. Chances are, you will find a few exciting and memorable exhibits worth the view from your car window.

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