Friday, May 4, 2012

Sports Tours and Events For 2012

We should be treated to quite a few different sporting events in 2012, with the big one being the Olympic Games, but although the Olympics will take the main coverage, there are still many other sporting events to enjoy throughout 2012.

Coming up to the summer of 2012, a lot of the rugby fixtures already have been and gone, so you will properly have to wait till early 2013 to catch the biggest of events.

However, this year's Olympics do feature rugby from each nation, but the one that may be worth watching will be the wheelchair rugby.

Don't think for 1 min that because these guys and girls are in wheelchairs, they don't hit hard, these guys push just as hard as the able-bodied guys!

Just watch some previews of wheelchair rugby online and you will get the idea. This is a full contact sport and will be a great thing to watch as part of the Paralympic games. seen this the real will be even better, so if you can still get hold of the ticket to one of these events, it is advisable to do so.

Cricket Events.
Not really Olympic based, but still if you are cricket fan then there are plenty of matches still to look forward to.

This month sees the West Indies tour of England which should be one of the highlights of the year. The West Indies being one of the best teams in the world, England will have to pull out all the stops to win this one.

June and July will see the Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka.

Through June, July and August we will also see other nations tour, such as New Zealand's tour of the West Indies, the South African tour of England and the Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe.

September and October will feature the T 20 World Cup. In October we will see the champions league 2020.

Therefore, if you are a keen cricket fan, you have many top-notch games in store for you this year. All of them featured at top-notch venues in great countries. So, if you are thinking of treating yourself to a vacation or short holiday, and taken in one of the above cricket events at the same time, this would be a great idea.

Football Events.
The Olympic Games will be one of the main events this year to include football.

Football matches for the Olympics will be held throughout the UK, but tickets have been sold out some time ago, so really it is down to TV coverage if you want to see one of these games.

The other main highlights for this summer will be the Euro 2012, probably the best in European football this year.

The event starts on June 8, being held in Poland and Ukraine.

Cities throughout both countries will hold matches in stadiums that have mostly been built especially for the events.

With most of these cities being great destinations in themselves to visit, a football match in one of these cities will be a great vacation for anybody.

We should be treated to some great football spectacles, especially with some teams wanting to push all the way this year, so this is one to watch.

2012 will host many exciting sporting events, with the obvious Olympic Games and Euro 2012, being the main attractions.

Therefore, it is really down to your preference for which one you see and possibly go and visit.

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