Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peru tours: A Handful Of Unique Experiences in Peru

Peru is a beautiful country offering stunning rainforests, historic and religious sites, museums, nightlife, and so much more. With so much to do in Peru it can seem overwhelming to decide where to go and what to try, especially if you only have limited time while visiting the country. If you're looking for a really memorable experience, here are some of the most unique and interesting things that you can do while in Peru:

1. A Cooking Tour in Lima
In South America, Peru is known for its good food, and this is especially true in Lima. The cuisine here combines both Spanish flavourings and techniques with old Peruvian cooking styles. You can spend a few hours with an expert in the kitchen, learning some of the signature dishes of Peru and how to make sure they are authentic and delicious. Lima is very popular for cooking classes and cooking tours, so you can also take a walk around the city with a guide, visiting some of the places best known for their food and learning all about the ingredients and how the dishes are made while sampling them as well!

2. Visit the Market
Shopping is a popular past time for many, but most people probably think of huge malls and designer clothes when they think of going shopping on vacation. Try something different by shopping in a traditional Peruvian market. You can find fun, handmade souvenirs, local foods and ingredients, and much more for great prices.

3. Hike through Machu Picchu
Considered one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World," Machu Picchu is a beautiful place to walk through if you want to see some history and culture. It was built in the 15th century by the Incans, and due to its location it remained almost completely untouched during the Spanish Conquest, making it one of the most preserved Incan sites left. 

4. Cruise the Galapagos Islands
You can easily take a cruise from Peru to visit the Galapagos Islands, where you can enjoy the scenery and especially the wildlife. See the famous giant tortoise, as well as other animals including iguanas, the blue footed booby bird, and lava lizards. Many of the animals living on these islands cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

5. Visit Cusco
There are a number of places to visit in this city, so choose what interests you the most. Perhaps it is seeing the historic architecture and important buildings of the past, such as the Iglesia del Triunfo, a church, or Barrio de San Blas, a street where many artisans and workshops can be found. There are also places to go shopping, museums to visit, and places to get a bite to eat.

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