Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Survive a Nuclear Holocaust

Have you ever worried about a nuclear holocaust?  It can be a challenging time for any body and it's important to take certain steps in order to avoid radiation contamination.

Those who dwell near a radiation leak should abandon the area immediately.  In certain circumstances, the military will be dispatched to help those in severely contaminated areas as well, the television/radio will provide an emergency broadcast giving you full directions on your course of action.

A Geiger counter is an essential tool for monitoring radiation, both inside and outside of your home.  It is very important to monitor for radiation levels for if they climb too high, you will have to evacuate your facility.

I would recommend using HEPA air filters during this time, as it is imperative that you minimize the radiation inside your home.  It would also be an added benefit to vacuum on a regular basis.

Following the guideline listed below, you and your family should feel safer in the decisions you will have to make in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

Survive a Nuclear Holocaust
From: BestHealthDegrees.com