Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Get Rid of The World’s Most Common Pest

Due to their vast numbers, and proclivity to make large colonies near human dwellings, Ants present one of the greatest challenges for those who own a home or business when it comes to pest control.

Ants are not only incredibly numerous in virtually any region of the country, but there are also a large number of different species of Ants, each with their own behavioral characteristics and specific methods of control and elimination.

Determining the Right Control Method
The primary factor in categorizing Ants and deciding on a method of removal is what sort of food the particular species of Ants tend to seek out. Ants can generally be divided into several separate groups, two of which are sugar-seeking and protein-seeking.

These two groups are certainly not adequate to categorize all of the varieties of ants one might encounter, however they are sufficient to cover virtually all ants that attempt to make a home inside houses or businesses.

Other Ants, such as Fire Ants, are definitely a nuisance and can even present a danger to individuals who are sensitive or allergic to their bites, however they are unlikely to invade a house and therefore their eradication is best handled through other methods.

Getting Rid Of Them
When one wants to get rid of ants, it is imperative to find out what sort of food is attracting them or what sort of bait might be appropriate to kill them. The easiest type of ant to deal with when using baits is the sugar or sweet seeking variety of ant. Bait or other toxins that have been treated or mixed with sugar or any other sweet substance can rather easily attract them.

Ants that seek out proteins such as meat or similar substances are slightly harder to eliminate using baits. Some effective baits can still be formulated and used, however they usually must be used in conjunction with spray or other topical pesticide to ensure complete removal of the infestation.

Once the type of Ant responsible for the infestation has been identified, eradication is only a matter of making the home unattractive to them in combination with placing the appropriate insecticide or bait around the area in which their congregating. This dual approach will be the most efficient way to get rid of ants.

After the Ants that have invaded the house are removed, the key to preventing future infestations is to keep food out of open areas where ants could once again find it, and to apply any number of barrier products to the exterior of the home to kill any ants that attempt to re-infest the house.

The next time you see Ants running around your house don't pay for expensive pest control services, just do it yourself and save money. There are plenty of resources on the web to teach you how to do your own pest control. 

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