Monday, May 7, 2012



Incapacitate your target with a powersoaking from your motorized ELECTROSTORM blaster.

There's NO pumping ~ you just pull the trigger and soak.

You can stealth strike from up to 25 feet away~!

Get ready for a real "blast" with this sleek, super~powered addition to your arsenal.

Comes with blaster.

Require 4 "AA" batteries.  (Not Included)
Ages 6 & Up

This little blaster can pack a wallop...oh my, I truly wasn't expecting such a stream nor force from such a small soaker but this was a great not let the size of the soaker fool

My kids just LOVED taking turns blasting each other and they loved not having to pump it youngest son isn't as dexterous as his siblings and he loved that he didn't have to do anything but load it with water and shoot...or it could be because he is also the one who takes the most short cuts in order to get where he is going...hehe

The motor is quiet, allowing for those sneak attacks and for approximately $9.99, you truly cannot go wrong with the price either~!!

And I love that there is a warning right on the soaker reminding handlers NOT to shoot people in the faces and/or eyes and to use only clean tap water.  The NERF Super Soaker ELECTROSTORM Blaster is a great addition to our supply of "things to keep cool by" during the summer months~!!

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