Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Celebrity Lingerie Styles- Which One Are You?

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble when you’re stripped down to your lingerie?
Read on to find out!

Image: John Robert Charlton

Lady GaGa
The Lady Gagas amongst us are huge fans of the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend. They spend money on gorgeous, unique underwear that is daring, bold and quirky as well as super sexy.

The rule is, anything goes, and these girls are always striving to be that little bit different. If there’s a cutting edge style that nobody else has cottoned on to yet, these ladies will adopt it with ease and make it look fabulous.

 There might be people who say that their style’s a bit odd, but, quite frankly, who gives a damn what other people think?!

Taylor Momsen
Momsen’s Gothic style is renowned in fashion and music circles. She is all about scarlet velvet, lace stockings, PVC, suspenders and metal studs. Oh, and ridiculously heavy eyeliner!

Girls like this are rock stars at heart, and love watching old school horror movies with their date to get them in a sexy mood. Experienced temptresses, they know how to flaunt their assets, and when it comes to who’s on top, they’re the dominant ones in the bedroom!

An interest in all things kinky often comes with this look, and lingerie draws often include items such as whips and handcuffs (officer!)

Marilyn Monroe
Gorgeously vintage and always classy, the Marilyn Monroes are those sexy ladies who show off their curves and voluptuous hourglass shapes with pride and sex-appeal.

They do away with padded bras and shapewear, choosing sheer fabrics, silks and see-through garments that accentuate their shape.
Image: Cea

Girls like this love being taken on classic dates to restaurants or shows, and are known to wear a bit of naughty nightwear, just like Marilyn.

Babydoll nightgowns in peachy pinks and black hang on satin coat hangers in this girl’s wardrobe. If a man plays his cards right, this is all she’ll be wearing when he comes round for dinner, along with a couple of sprays of her classic perfume!

Maria Sharapova
Sporty goddesses like tennis pro Maria have stunning bodies and know exactly how to show them off. They own a fair amount of sensible, sporty underwear that is comfy and practical, but have a selection of sexy items at the back of their knicker drawer too!

These girls know how to wear a sports bra with style and love shopping for cute jogging tops and this season’s skimpy sports gear.

When it comes to seduction, they let their bodies do the talking. A skimpy thong is all they need, and with the right top, why bother wearing a bra?

Ladies like Rihanna are compact but dangerous.

They are fans of animal print lingerie and are known to be tigresses in the bedroom.

When it comes to colours, they love a bit of sparkle and shimmer. Golds, bronzes, sequins and bold prints can be found in their lingerie drawer, and they never shy away from the bright and dazzling.

When they go out clubbing, their choice of underwear is just as important as their outfit, and they’ll have men falling at their feet when they strut their stuff on the dance floor.

Think your style more closely resembles a different celebrity? Tell us about it below!

Susannah Perez is a lingerie fanatic and lover of celebrity gossip. She writes for Heavenly Lingerie, and thinks that all girls can feel confident and sexy by choosing the underwear to suit their style.

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