Sunday, May 13, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Chrystallia and The Source of Light by P.M. Glaser

Chrystallia and the Source of Light

Author:  P.M. Glaser
Hardcover:  296 pages
Publisher:  Greenleaf Book Press (October 1, 2011)
Language:  English

In this beautifully illustrated children's fantasy story, two siblings struggle against sharp-edged, bedazzling foes to arrive at a place of knowing, to which they and everything belong. 

It's Christmas, but thirteen-year-old Maggie and her ten-year-old brother Jesse are anything but joyful. Their mother is dying, the bank is about to foreclose on their home, and very soon, everything about their lives will change. 

In an adventure that takes them below the earth's surface to a realm inhabited by crystalline life forms - some of which seem to have been spawned from the children themselves - the sister and brother discover the strength of their bond, the breadth of their courage, and the awesome power of love. 

Amid dazzling displays of colours and shapes, Maggie and Jesse must move through crystal planes and canyons as they do battle with King Bloo, the princes Red and Orange, and Holy Clear. Jesse learns from Princess Amethyst that the thing that scares him the most can waken him to his greatest strength. Sharing his secret with Maggie ultimately leads the two to a place of forgiveness, called home. 

Chrystallia was a very good read and it captivated me from beginning to end.  I finished this book in under two hours which shows you how great it was.

I loved the imaginative world of Chrystallia and all the different characters involved.  It was very interesting to see that all the people of Chrystallia were made out of gems, minerals and rocks and each had the personality that corresponded to their type.  

I also enjoyed all the information shared about each of the crystals, gems and rocks.  The author very cleverly included the descriptions and new age properties of each.  Tourmaline or Torri, she was a rainbow of colours who had a southern accent and was almost hippy in her free love, friendship and happiness.  Pyrope, a red crystal garnet, who brought faith and light to the group or Scheelite, a rare yellow crystal from China, who shared her insight and balance.

Each of the characters has their own accent and character and they all worked together to bring a really memorable read.  

Jesse is a believer, he believes in everything and knows they will find their way out of the underground.  He is hoping to find a cure for his mother's health and believes the crystals hold the answer.  Maggie has become disillusioned and doesn't believe in anything she cannot see, she hates her brother and wishes her mother wasn't dying.

Together the two must come to terms with their lives, who there are and where they are meant to be.  Chrystallia is filled with many deep and meaningful insights and the meta~physical aspect of the book is truly a groovy experience.

I would give Chrystallia and the Source of Light a four and a half stars out of five, I felt there could have been a load more humour strewn throughout the pages.  There were brief excerpts from certain characters like Gneiss and Torri and I felt that with a bit more of wit from some of the characters would have made the book fantastic.  Oh and if you cry, the ending is VERY touching~!!  

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