Monday, May 14, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Alienation by Jon S. Lewis

Alienation ~ Book Two ~ A C.H.A.O.S. Novel

Author:  Jon S. Lewis
Softcover:  249 pages
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson (January 3, 2012)
Language:  English

Earth's last line of defense against the coming alien invasion is a 16~year~old surfer.  But before Colt McAlister can save the world, he has to survive the day.

All Colt wants to do is return to his old life~where aliens don't exist, where mankind hasn't been targeted for destruction, and where his parents are still alive.  Unfortunately life doesn't work that way.

The United States government believes Colt holds the key to the world's survival, so he is being sent to the C.H.A.O.S. Military Academy along with his best friends Oz and Danielle.  There they'll be trained to defend Earth against a swarm of alien shapeshifters known as the Thule.  But someone is trying to eliminate Colt before he can lead that charge.  Shocked to learn about key events in his past and unsure who he can trust, Colt is alienated and on the run.

In a world of high~tech gear, shape~shifting aliens, simulated reality, and hoverboards, Colt must step into his true destiny before the world falls in chaos.

Alienation takes place after Jon S. Lewis' book, Invasion, and continues with Colt and the alien invasion upon Earth.  Colt is just a regular teenager until the aliens appear and his life is turned upside~down.  After his parents were killed Colt learns that the adults in his life have been habouring secrets about his genetic makeup.  Colt is the only child to ever incorporate the alien DNA into his own genetics and the powers that be hold much store in his future.  Some want him dead and some want to see him become the saviour they are expecting him to be.

When Colt realizes he is being stalked by a Thule shape~shifter named Victor Krone, Colt must learn all that he can on Project Nemesis and how Colt managed to get his name on a hit list.  Who would want to kill Colt and for what reasons?  Turning to the only person he can trust, Danielle, the two try to unconver the plot behind the assassination attempts on Colt.

I loved how the characters interacted with one another and found them to be believable in their attempts at keeping the reader intrigued with their lives.  I loved reading about the technological gadgets that the kids get to play around with and the simulations they experience would be a groovy thing to attempt.  

I also enjoyed the questions that arose that were not answered, leaving the reader wanting to continue with the C.H.A.O.S. saga.  There are many aspects of this mystery that have yet to be unraveled, encouraging readers to wonder about the outcome, which involves one's imagination about the possibilities that could occur.  

I would give Alienation a four out of five stars.  I felt there could have been more wit and humour within the pages, there was certainly many opportunities that arose where it would've given the book a completeness.  I definitely will continue with the series, the aliens are wonderfully depicted and the added conspiracy theory about comic books telling real tales was a wonderful addition to a great storyline.

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